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Dash Academy 6- The Secrets We Keep 6

Gilda and her teammates talk about Rainbow Dash.

This is the 50th Dash Academy strip! Whoo! :iconpinkiepieclapplz:

Thank you to everyone for your readership and support.
And a big thank you to :iconwariosuperstar: for making the special 'Billy Academy' and 'Dash Academy 50' titles!

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I officially hate Gilda (even before this)

TriforceOfWill's avatar
Dammit Gilda...seriously?
alexwarlorn's avatar
The irony is, in spite of her screw up here, Gilda is ironically being the bigger griffin, because she's actually hanging out with the colts who bullied her before. 
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Fucking... This god damn comic is going to give me a heart attack some day, why do I care so much about fictional stories?
foldabotZ's avatar
It was at this moment, Gilda knew, she bucked up...
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GeneralRommel64's avatar
greaaaate you've just RUINED it gilda, RUINED it!
now rumors are gonna spread... AGAIN
ColdZapphire's avatar
i bet it says BULLY academy or something xd
SwagFeather's avatar
It's 'Billy' Academy taped over the original 'Dash' Academy logo.
Oriana-jua's avatar
OMG how could she!
Sindraq's avatar
Damnit Gilda...
mousedapple3300's avatar
hatching lots of plans in that tiny little brain of his> heh heh
PrincessCelestiaYay2's avatar
PrincessCelestiaYay2's avatar
TwistedMetalBlackFan's avatar
Jacksepticeye Intensifies - GIF EMOTE : SCREW YOU BILLY!!!
rainbowdash10124's avatar
Just banish him to the moon, sunny!
nertdmty's avatar
something is about to go DOWN and WAY DOWN
Dodi8's avatar
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