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Dash Academy 6- The Secrets We Keep 13

Rainbow Dash and Gilda continue their night of debauchery.

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TriforceOfWill's avatar
Bad Gilda...
Rainbow, don't do it
roseswirl78's avatar
y wood u steal makeup .... Y GILDA Y

im lazy rit now
Daggerbeak's avatar
Dash looks so cute xD wish I looked that cute when eating a cinnamon bun. 
Goldenquillmlp's avatar
Who woulda thought that GILDA, out of all those other characters buys makeup?? I mean MAKEUP!!! Yet again why would she STEAL it!?
CharlyDasher's avatar
So... that's how Gilda became a shoplifter, huh?

Also, that Rainbow munching her cinnamon bun looks SO ADORABLE!) ^3^
SedaFox's avatar
Wow. Really Gilda, you steal but you put that stuff in Dash's scarf?
foldabotZ's avatar
They're making steel?
Gilda pulling out the douchery with such easy and grace I'm surprised I ever doubted her.
RainbowHeartPony's avatar
Panel nine... DASH IS SO CUTE
zwataketa's avatar
*facedesk* WHYYYYY GILDA!?
FlareEmerald77's avatar
Gilda= 100% bad influence
Power-of-Kings's avatar
Gilda = best horse.
FlareEmerald77's avatar
She's a griffin  :3
ChiarezzaPone's avatar
Gilda is best hors
broqentoys's avatar
highschoolera. agh agh
SherlockBoy's avatar
Cinnadash is adorable!
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
Princess Celestia Angry Plz saysplz rvmp  Gilda The Griffon, by the name of me, i will send you to the moon i swear .

Luna White White Eyes You Have (Princess Luna) saysplz rvmp NOT THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON


Twilight (Alert) Plz saysplz rvmp wha- is that luna !?
CookieMoone's avatar
i hate thieves I FUCKING HATE THIEVES !!!
JackDragen's avatar
I can see where this is going...

FAST DASH THROW THOSE AWAY! they obviously are bombs that will destroy the mall D:
DoubleBlaze's avatar
...gilda is good people
but not very correct one
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