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Dash Academy 5- Old Friends, New Friends 7

Rainbow Dash gains a new perspective.

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marinus18's avatar
Looking back on it what parts do you think you could have done better?
Anubis-hound's avatar
It's awesome re-reading the earlier pages of the comic. Good memories/
Lyokoheros's avatar
Fluttershy seem to cure Rainbow for being jerk. Good, that's very good. 
GeneralRommel64's avatar
fluttershy is the cure for EVERYTHING, even discord
her kindness kills all meanness
Lyokoheros's avatar
Oh yes, she is, she definitely is. 
Propably on of the most meritorious ponies of Equestria(who other could turn Discord into good?).
eflyjason's avatar
BokunZhao's avatar
Finally this story starts to make me comfortable.
SparkingAround's avatar
Lets Ship It Togetherrr!!! >w<
eleventhpolicebox's avatar
Dark-seid's avatar
Nice moment Dashie - Fluttershy.
VOlDCATS's avatar
I feel for fluttershy. i cant talk to people tand that basically what happens to me. Social anxiety really sucks :/
Cryptid-Daydreamers's avatar
Cute, but didn't Dash just come from class to check if Fluttershy was in her room? Are they ditching class now? 
I mean, I just get the impression that Dash came from class because of the seemingly empty hallways in the previous comic, and the fact that she said the teacher sent her to check on Fluttershy.
BokunZhao's avatar
It's not about ditching classes dude, personally I believe a true friend, a true life support is way more important than classes, sometimes we get frustrated due to relationship problems, and it's worth spending time solving them.
Cryptid-Daydreamers's avatar
This comment wasn't meant to be serious.
rainbowdash10124's avatar
this is soo sappy i was crying when i saw those flash backs on the previous 1
natapew's avatar
This is so sad but so happy at the same time :')
FlareEmerald77's avatar
YAY! Friends!!! :happybounce: 
broqentoys's avatar
somehow i feel like this will end up being some sort of ship fic ;-;
N4mu's avatar
*melts of cuteness*Melting Chocolate Oh, Olaf Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] no literallyblues ....
Yupasama's avatar
I still think that comics is one of the best characterization of Rainbow Dash.

When people tries to write a "emotional" Rainbow Dash, often it just seems wrong, like they force on the character some depth and a temporary shift of personality because it's convenient.

Here it's a lot more natural, like there is a progression from her normal self to being forced to communicate: she'll talk about stuff only when against the wall. To her it's awkward, not pleasant. And she's not that good or that interested in understanding others people, so she talk about herself to explain, yes, she can empathize.

The reluctance built in the character is interesting to exploit : when she does an exception for Fluttershy and not Gilda in "opening up", it meant Fluttershy is special. No need for more fluff, everything is told there.
Deelfinoiy's avatar
Well said. I feel like Sorcerus characterizes everyone so well in Dash Academy! You can definitely feel with Dash only being able to open up to certain people and hanging with others for the laughs and kicks, and feel along with Flutter's social anxiety...
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