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Dash Academy 5- Old Friends, New Friends 5

Rainbow Dash remembers an old friend.

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sadness to high I'm crying
GeneralRommel64's avatar
oh now, i think that that fake date RD had did something do her BFF
As an exchange student in another institution right now, I feel like I'm with Gilda... Exchange students don't have the full lengths of program that other students do, and they have to go to as much activities and meet as many people as possible to make their exchange programs worthwhile. Though, dumping friends isn't something they're supposed to do.
SparkingAround's avatar
I Hope Nothing Bad Happened To Flutters!!!! QAQ
silentmotives's avatar
I see Gilda's dialogue was changed when talking about flight camp. Any particular reason?
icecreambunny12's avatar
oh nos!!!!!!!flutters ran away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
NecromancerKing85's avatar
something terrible happened to fluttershy I'm sure
CookieMoone's avatar
I got a beeeeeed feelings about this
TroopCaptain97's avatar
Does this page still hold up after the new episode
yeah i guess
Snapshot1994's avatar
" long as you don't snore."  Yeah.  'Cause nopony outsnores Rainbow Dash.
Jonerico's avatar
Ow.. right in the udder
Extraxi's avatar
Now this explains a few things... I fear for the rest. :worry:
JezzaRat's avatar
about time 2! Rainbow has seen the error of her ways..!
MagiShine2005's avatar
You know, someone should fan-animation series based off of this, don't you think?
opal2116's avatar
I agree. If I had a decent animation program (That didn't cost money) and more knowledge of animation(and some voice actors),I'd do it myself.
ILM126's avatar
I've got Adobe Flash, but I definitely sure that this will have to be a collab!
opal2116's avatar
Well,maybe I could do some voice-acting. I think I do a semi-decent Flutters impression.
ILM126's avatar
But we need a lot more people than just the two of us.
opal2116's avatar
True. I could make another announcement video on YT. Not sure it'll work,but who knows? (I did that for a project that I"m working on)
ILM126's avatar
You have a channel?
opal2116's avatar
(Sorry for the late reply.) Yes. Here's a link.…
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