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Dash Academy 5- Old Friends, New Friends 1

With the Junior Speedsters' first game going south, Rainbow Dash decides to take matters into her own hooves.

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Thank you, :icongrusnoid: for your suggestion for the Jr. Speedsters' stormball play and for all of your sports-related help!

Junior Manticores:
Pop Tune belongs to :iconminecrafteevee10: North Wind belongs to :iconleonshinyninetails:
Valley Violet belongs to :iconvalleyviolet: Storm Cloud belongs to :iconstormcloudthepegasis:
Dazer belongs to :icondaring-dash-hoof: Starshine belongs to :iconhoney-pawstep::iconevertide-song:

Scoreboard Pony:
Lemongrass belongs to :iconspritefizz:

My Little Pony © Hasbro
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TriforceOfWill's avatar
Fluttershy cheer - yay 
CharlyDasher's avatar
In the first panel it looks like Firefly is staring at Dahs's plot! XD
Dat coach btw lmao!
GeneralRommel64's avatar
RD's number is 20
20% cooler
SwagFeather's avatar
Get some cheerleaders to do that, COACH
KingArthur5's avatar
Reading comic again, notices for the first time that Surprise notices RD hike to FF and is is TOTALLY shipping it!
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
*gets the nsp manticore song stuck in my head*
FlareEmerald77's avatar
This is no time for chants!   -_-
CookieMoone's avatar
Broly don't be such a pussy
Snapshot1994's avatar
Does that coach EVER wipe that stupid smile off his face?  Good grief!
Fairy-Pumpkin-Fox's avatar
I can't help but read the coach's voice with a Canadian accent. ._.
JackDragen's avatar
That coach is creepy
Zohto's avatar
OMG I'm loving this comic!Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash
TheldinMarks's avatar
Their coach is an idiot.
ILM126's avatar
Dance moves?
Spydol's avatar
The last panel's Rainbow Dash looks like a cold-blooded killer. :)
Sperkel-Derg's avatar
Is it just me or is firefly looking at dash's plot on the 1st panel?
excuse my dirty thoughts
Omi-New-Account's avatar
Argie's mom, omg XD
Killed2013's avatar
Im-a-pegasus's avatar
Lol derpy's uniform is number 13. :iconderpyhoovesplz:
PoppyFields145's avatar
Namegoeshere98's avatar
That score reminds me of my JV team's 0-7 season...*shivers* ugh 
grouchguythebrony's avatar
I feel sorry for them, having to do a dance XD
PTG-arts's avatar
do your old race technique at camp
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