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Dash Academy 4- Starlight Dance 9

Pierce drops the bomb.

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Woah,too quick lad
ShimmeringStarsung's avatar
no no no nO NO NO NO NO
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NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
again, I stand corrected, this will end horribly.
Midnightshadow1238's avatar
Did he just suggest they have sex!?!?!
roseswirl78's avatar
do it do it do it
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GaryNaru's avatar
i love the autor's commentary 😂
CosmicReader's avatar
Sodiepoop's avatar
I've seen too much anime to know what is going to happen...
CharlyDasher's avatar
Ahaha! lol! Now that was unexpected! XD
GeneralRommel64's avatar
i feel like hes gonna do something BAD :iconscaredplz:
FusionAgeX's avatar
I don't like where this is going....
RoseQuartz1's avatar
Ouch, now I can't ship this. O_o"
BadPIGYZ64's avatar
Really Pierce? After one night?
This is going to end badly.
PsycoJosho's avatar
Dang it. I thought that something like this would happen...
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pierce! If You Lay A Single Hoove On My Gay Baby! You.Will.Have.CONSIQUENCES!!Kyou Fujibayashi (Do that and you die) [V2] 
eleventhpolicebox's avatar
She's... not... even... fucking... gay!
SparkingAround's avatar
Too me she is ;3

It doesn't mean you have too think she's gay
You can have her straight all year want uwu now excuse me while I keep my happens mood k?
eleventhpolicebox's avatar
Actually, she is! Man, how things change!
SparkingAround's avatar
Hhgf Whaaat

I haven't been reading this much and I'm so confused

What's happening XD
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