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Dash Academy 4- Starlight Dance 5

Rainbow Dash is surprised when she learns Gilda is also attending the dance.

The stage is set. Next time we're fast-forwarding to the night of the dance. See you then!

See DivineSpiritual's humanized version of panel 9 here.

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Daggerbeak's avatar
At least he's cool with it, and is willing to help her out.
foldabotZ's avatar
She was in the middle of taking them off.
CharlyDasher's avatar
Billy?! Ta-da-da!
This story is becoming more and more interesting...)
FlareEmerald77's avatar
I got another bad feeling about this........something tells me you'll regret this Dash
CumuloSpark27's avatar
Nice comic series.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
She's dating her "friend"'s worst enemy. Gilda's no longer a friend
BluePeach14's avatar
I first thought she was somewhat a good friend, but ditching a friend and going to the dance with their enemy is just treachery. I think Gilda's the exact opposite of loyalty!!
Cutepegasister121's avatar
she grew up around jerks, not her fault.Dash and G are totally friends they just...............´ve been having problems
BluePeach14's avatar
Yeah I can see your point.
Pammee65's avatar
last panel: Both ponies look so adorable
Extraxi's avatar
...Billy. Of course. :sarcasm:
Vullo's avatar
why is gilda such a shitty friend
UnwrittenMilk's avatar
i hate her more than i hate flash sentry. and thats saying something
turkey18eye's avatar
y u hate flash sentry he's not even in this comic
UnwrittenMilk's avatar
I just want him to actually do something thats not based on his "relationship" with twilight, so he can get some depth to his character.
turkey18eye's avatar
so what do u had in mind
UnwrittenMilk's avatar
Maybe have a story about him at work and what its like to be a royal guard. We could see how he handles all that responsibility, how he gets along with his fellow guards, and maybe even give him a backstory explaining why he joined the guard in the first place. And this story should take place BEFORE he met Twilight, so his crush doesn't affect the narrative at all.
turkey18eye's avatar
that would be a great story if there someone would like to draw comic for u
UnwrittenMilk's avatar
Or I could just write it as a short fanfic or something.
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Vullo's avatar
i am glad you agree
StairSerpent's avatar
wait OMG Firefly's Scootaloos's  mom 
DarthSithis09's avatar
where did that come from.....
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