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Dash Academy 4- Starlight Dance 4

Rainbow's bad attitude continues to get the best of her when Firefly offers friendly advice.

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You’re not getting the scholarship if you don’t show them you’re the best there though

Lantinatom's avatar

I like how rainbow is always annoyed by something

Grumpy Dash
NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
To be fair....quite a nuber of people would react the same way, when roumors spread they can have different effects on the people they are about, whether its good or bad, or big or small
PartySplat's avatar
*sniff sniff* smells like internalized homopobiha, dashie
PandaisQued's avatar
Thanks alot MOM
ThEdErPyBrOnY1's avatar
It's not a phase mom!
jppiper's avatar
spoilers firefly is not rd's mother as revealed in the episode parental glideance which aired in canada this past weekend it will air in the states on may 20th
foldabotZ's avatar
Unfortunately... Oh well.Kiba Shrug Icon 
You know, I've got to wonder if Firefly is drawing on personal experience when she talks about trying to prove things . . .
eleventhpolicebox's avatar
This keeps happening... whenever I'm listening to music on Deviantart, animated profile pics move to the music... it's honestly creepy!
joltster109's avatar
It's funny how Dash calls her mom when there is fanart of Firefly as her mother while also being inspired from Firefly concept art for the show.
sunkissin's avatar
It's so funny reading this back and thinking how these two are in love now... x3 <3
porshiacocom's avatar
wow spoiler much lol
xXMLPRainbowHeartXx's avatar
Hehe. Mom.. I see what you did there
Chioro's avatar
Barely started! Like it a lot already, but I gotta say, this scene is super funny to me because she's the older version of RD.
rainbowdash10124's avatar
"mum" reeeeeeeally? I Saw What You Did Emote 
blckhwk313's avatar
What you did with RD calling Firefly "mom" there.... I see it. [insert sly look here] lol
swirliee's avatar
FireFly is rainbow dash's mom
Cutepegasister121's avatar
no in this story she isn´t
FlareEmerald77's avatar
KatyScene's avatar
XD Mom! I GET IT!!!!
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