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Dash Academy 4- Starlight Dance 2

Surprise plays matchmaker for a reluctant Rainbow Dash.

Edit: Installed mod: 'More Derped Eyes'

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NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
well....opposites do attract for some
roseswirl78's avatar
GeneralRommel64's avatar
that would be awkward, first you accuse him of wanting to date you, then you NEED to date him but he dosnt know why
Chikara521's avatar
Aren't firefly rd mom?
nightshadowmlp's avatar
Dashie in G1! First panel :)

Dream come true :)
Vazypan's avatar
There you go, Surprise!
Shipping is fun XD.
SwagFeather's avatar
So would Gildash (not)

and Firedash (so)
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
I love Surprise. Almost as much as I love Derpy! AND CAKE.
FlareEmerald77's avatar
I can tell this isn't gonna end well
surpise the world would never be the same with out you 
EmSeeAre's avatar
Is FireFly checking out Dash's butt? XD
Tarmist25's avatar
Yes, and Derpy too.
Extraxi's avatar
Okay, colts and mares. Get ready for the fireworks. :plotting:
TheLondonJamJar's avatar
Omg Surprise understands me~
OPGroovyDaddy's avatar
RUIN HER LIFEE SURPRISE! Kill ya V for Vendetta :BombingEscape: :BombingEscape: :BombingEscape: :BombingEscape: :BombingEscape: :BombingEscape: :BombingEscape: :BombingEscape: :BombingEscape: 
Ikki-Towaras's avatar
I thought only Princess Cadence was a shipper...
WhiteKingMelchior's avatar
I'm just as surprised as you are...
PoppyFields145's avatar
BluePeach14's avatar
Bro2494's avatar
Soup Rice is the best.
cvarc's avatar
Also, rainbows make me cry.
layla-mindora's avatar
its pinky´s sister, the couple maker
SweetieMuffin's avatar
Suprise is sooo adorable >w<
joeioe's avatar
I don't think the "More Derped Eyes" mod worked (refer to panel 5)
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