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Dash Academy 4- Starlight Dance 1

Rainbow Dash realizes the upcoming Starlight Dance may be a blessing in disguise.

Up-close version of the comic Argie is reading.

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TriforceOfWill's avatar
Is red sorena fighting Discord? It sure seems like it..
Also, dude--you're going to make such a fool of yourself...
*preemptively cringes* 
PartySplat's avatar
argie, racial fetishization is no laughing matter. Please stop before you make even more of an ass of yourself.
NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
couldnt agree more on that statement, serious problems that happen irl is no laughing matter, making sick and twisted jokes about it is low, and I mean low
RasenganLucario's avatar
Rainbow Dash (facepalm) #2 plz There are no words.
GeneralRommel64's avatar
dat last panel
oh mai
CharlyDasher's avatar
Dat last panel, so much for lulz! XD
Mavraster's avatar
A griffon version of Red Shetland, which is a pony version of Red Sonya!

(please, just let me have my moment)  Pray 
Lyokoheros's avatar
I don't believe Surprise can be so gullible aobut such rumors... hasn't she hes sister intuition to guessing even something which she can guess? 
And Argie likes griffons... interesting... but his idea was quite good.
SwagFeather's avatar
Notice how there's no bikini top

now imagine if that were a human
Ch00ky's avatar
Orcaboy15's avatar
...........well.......he is in for a shock
zwataketa's avatar
*facedesk* he'll be dissapointed 
icecreambunny12's avatar

your a stalker
Cutepegasister121's avatar
UM no he´s not he´s a loser
secretsheik's avatar
Annnnnd Red Sonya reference complete. XD
swirliee's avatar
rainbow dash is a girl.
swirliee's avatar
I have no idea why i asked that question. I knew she was a girl and i dont know why  i asked it. XD
CanadianGirl001's avatar
10 Points to 'Gryffindor'
Raptore1917's avatar
like a Pegasus version of pinkie pie
Surprises is from Generation 1 Lauren Faust originally planned for the main six to be updated versions of the original Mane 6 from Generation 1 but because of Licensing issues that was changed the character personalities were kept but the designs were slightly altered pinky was also change from a pegasus to an earth pony and Fluttershy was changed from an earth pony to a Pegasus Firefly the pink and blue Pegasus was originally who Rainbow Dash was going to be.
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