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Dash Academy 3- Crash Course 6

Weeks of pent-up frustration and stress get the better of Dash when she pleads her case to the coach.

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Why is hoops spying on dash?

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Just gonna point out: THAT TRAINER FUCKING SUCKS. His nephew claims that the best flyer ever is mentally unstable. Okay, are you gonna consult her parents, maybe check with her teachers, heck, talk to whomever is responsible for healthcare?
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Yeah, screw the Coach and is damn nephew.
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now gilda shes he TRUE pissed off side
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Just wait some time... Rainbow Dash is gonna kick everyponies' tails in the end.
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reading again that comics from the start

in a way, it's hilarious to imagine all that characters (Billy, the coach, and everyone in the school) when years later they realise the over-the-top blue rainbow pony from school is now one of the Wonderbolt, a close friend of a major Princess of Equestria, lead advisor of all sky-business of Ponyville, the bearer of the whatever-element of Loyalty and a few time savior of Equestria...  and ho yeah, she does the sonic boom, at wish !

and during that time Gilda failed everything she was dreaming from school and is now doing crude bakery in a town in ruin hoping to leave one day... (at least, Pinkie Pie helped there with the magic of Baking Powder)
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gilda is like
DONT KILL HIM! at least not yet...
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
I just realized he kinda looks like Big Mac with wings.
endergirlwithfred12's avatar
waiiiiiitttt his cutie mark... A SANDWICH!?!?!?!Sandwich 
endergirlwithfred12's avatar
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Suit just went down..
supersonic4856's avatar
Even the couch is a dumbass.
rainbowdash10124's avatar
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Oh no....that didn't look good  0_0
Snapshot1994's avatar
Whoa whoa whoa, RD.  Keep doing that, and you're just as good as helping Billy.
JNinelives's avatar
Wonderful use of skewed perspective in the second-to-last panel.
ilikespike's avatar
i like this really getting some insight into gilda
Extraxi's avatar
Yup, no dialogue needed for this one. :no:
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ya know dash you're only helping support HIS case.
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Its funny how differently the story would have played out if dash had made the varsity team.
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That's what school can do to you kids! Stay calm ;D
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