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Dash Academy 3- Crash Course 4

Things begin to look up for Fluttershy when she receives another mysterious note.

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Noooo poor Fluttershy

Lantinatom's avatar

You learn about sex in school?

I-AM-LOLCAT's avatar
Daww....please tell me that’s an actual note.....
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I reread your comic after so many years and realized that this strip is one of the sweetest things I ever seen in my life. So, I want to say: thank you.
TriforceOfWill's avatar
Let's hope that's a real note and not a prank...
That sex education class! XD I love how Gilda's just eating the banana...:D
NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
shes going to find out....and once she does.....its going to do far more damage, its impossible to even describe
Ink-Katana's avatar
Haha omg I read this when I was, like, 10 and didn't pick it up again until now and I'm suddenly realizing how bad that is. XD
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
For readers who may be unfamiliar with high school in the US:

It varies from school to school irl, but the class Dash/Gilda are in is based on real health/life skills class.
This is a class that includes subjects such as household management, budgeting, nutrition, safe sex and relationships, and writing resumes. (Which is why I've included posters about nutrition, drugs, and health on the teacher's desk.)

When I was in this class we even did things like "invest" in a stock and then learn how to follow it online, as well using food diary programs on the computer.
Nothing in the class was presented in graphic or immoral ways. It was quite practical and relevant to everyday life.

EDIT: Forgot to mention it, but another class with sex education in the US is health services class. It covers everything from a more healthcare-oriented perspective. We went through topics like the reproductive system, safe sex, diseases, and childbirth. The class also included CPR certification and TB tests (needed for some healthcare jobs), as well as a section where we gave presentations on nutrition/exercise to younger students. The big class trip involved going to one of the state's largest hospitals and learning from the staff. The class was even taught by a nurse. Several of my classmates went on to nursing school and became nurses themselves because of this class!

(So I hope this helps explains why I don't think sex education is immoral.)
Wolfsummoner295's avatar
After rereading this series for the 17th time
I just realized that Rainbow Dash is the only one struggling with the concept of the sex education (Except Derpy in which, piNEAPPLES??) Like.
Everybody already has or is in the easy progress of the banana inside the condom (except Gilda (and Derpy again) whose just hungry, but she most likely does understand the concepts and how to do it cause she's basically the only creature there with claw/fingersss). But Rainbow Dash is struggling?? 
She was meant to be lesbian from the start
CharlyDasher's avatar
Wait a second... A SEX EDUCATION? IN EQUESTRIA?! I honestly don't think ponies' moral is that low. Like really! We never saw a murder, a serious crime, drugs or even smth suggestive in the series!
Not that I spotted, at least, and trust me, if there where any I would!
Although... Dash really doesn't understand what to do. Really, Rainbow? Really?)
Also lmao on that Derpy's pineapple XD

The last panel reminded me Ink Potts' "I will be there". Interesting... Hope everything will end up better than there...
Lyokoheros's avatar
Sex education... they learned how to use condoms at highschool in Equestria... rather sexual demoralization. 
I doesn't think in Equestria it is so bad with morality like in west countries...

I really can't understand how some people commenting it can find such sexual education as something positive.
Rainbow-highway's avatar
You see... This is story telling, so that the story builds up to the when deeply gets pregnant, this is a gentle build up. (I read it the second time and noticed the connection)
JNRedmon's avatar
:iconhankhillplz::iconsaysplz:"Hwat?! Sexual education?!"
Twinkel13's avatar
oh my god the pineapple tho
Glad to see Equestrian Sex-ed is better than what ~half of the US gets.
MLPNextGenFan's avatar
FlutterShy Academy!
BokunZhao's avatar
Eww.. Sex Education?! BANANAS? Pineapple!!!!!
As long there's no DURIAN.
CedarWoods's avatar
Panel 4 has all sorts of interesting messages:

1. Rainbow doesn't understand condoms (hinting at stuff to cum... I loath myself)

2. Gilda understands it completely and has probably done it (cause she's just eating)

3. I'm going to ignore the OCs

4. Fluttershy thinks a lot about it

5. What kind of freaky monster cocks has Derpy been hanging around?
WidowPeak's avatar
The bananas, and thus the pineapple, were given to them on the third panel
CedarWoods's avatar
Well then who gave Derpy the pineapple then? 
SwagFeather's avatar
OMG I just noticed what Gilda and Rainbow Dash were doing with their bananas when they got them.
Lumonyx's avatar
And Derpy has a pinapple
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