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Dash Academy 3- Crash Course 1

Rainbow Dash frets about Speedster tryouts.

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Gilda is ’real helpful’ this chapter isn't she?

RoomyLEGO123's avatar
Oh god... This is not going to end well.
TriforceOfWill's avatar
Oh carp...this can't be good.
CharlyDasher's avatar
Yep, Gilda... Eloquence never was your strong point...
BTW, It's dat same flank in the last panel))
MiragePotato's avatar
you can always "pretend to be blind"  and crash in his nuts at full speed
Randomfoxgirl's avatar
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
Billy? I thought his name was Dumbbell!
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
Got the name off of an official script where he is credited as 'Billy Dumbbell'. He's also called 'Young Billy Dumbbell' on the 'Cutie Mark Chronicles' script.
rnko26's avatar
coach get your kid out of there and pick'em yourself
supersonic4856's avatar
FlareEmerald77's avatar
When I saw the last panel, I thought......shit!  -_-
broqentoys's avatar
lol eagles and turkeys
KatyScene's avatar
Rainbow Dash: "I'me doomed."
Gilda The Griffon: "Yup."
wow i would kill billy if i had the chace 
izzyo816's avatar
The art transition is amazing I mean you have really improved!
BluePeach14's avatar
This is so rigged!!! :angry: 
parkersarts's avatar
Dat hotdog cutie mark tho 
Nbking992's avatar
What is fillyfooler?
happy2572's avatar
It's another way of saying lesbian, but in pony terms. Although I doubt it's an official thing from the show, but just something the fandom created.
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