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Dash Academy 2-Hot Flank Part8

Dash confronts Billy, Hoops, and Quarterback.

See DivineSpiritual's humanized version of the 2nd to last panel here

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TriforceOfWill's avatar
Dammit, Dash...seriously, c'mon. Just be nice. How hard is that?!
roseswirl78's avatar
I'm crying now that was  and sad
Snottyrants's avatar
those are the days of offending the hero, even though they treid to defend them from the toughest bullies! And then you turn around, and get mad at the victim! I know how she feels! But Rainbow! You and Gilda sent the letter! She would've been bullied like that in the first place! 
Lyokoheros's avatar
How dare they... accusing Rainbow of being lesbian... to much impudent. Even as for them... 

But still It's sad that Rainbow acts so unfriendly to Fluttershy at the end... 
But on the other hand i can guess her resons - she doesn't want any mendacious rumors...  bit still she was to harsh to FLuttershy. 
PandaisQued's avatar
Olga dashes got a crush
MiragePotato's avatar
pride, the weakness of all athlete
zwataketa's avatar
So ... That's why the rumors ... Huh.
kwitt-er's avatar
I want to bitch slap the bad boys so hard.
jojobrowingman's avatar
Why would hasbro allow those errors (& my "errors" I mean those bully bros) on the show?
icecreambunny12's avatar
I want  to go Pinkamena
77madman's avatar
.......I'm unsure who to slaughter and hang on my wall
77madman's avatar
rainbowdash10124's avatar
Hmm, how about hoops and billy? :creepygrin: 
77madman's avatar
Very well, random pony
boomnnuke's avatar
are you going to gut out there insides force feed there own organs while strangling them to death?
77madman's avatar
You will make a fine consort
rainbowdash10124's avatar
Okie! *Eyes go derpy*
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