My video-capture tutorial

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So.. finally I made one, based on my latest artwork (SasuSaku fanart titled Red String) :D
You can check it here :

I intended to show the sketching process, but it won't fit youtube's max video length, so.. I cut it out.
Nothing much, really. But I hope it can answer those who asking how I did my digital painting.

I plan to make another video tutorial, so if you have question about my work or you have suggestion what kind of tutorial you want from me, please tell me :D

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Don't ever stop doing what you do. You're very talented Mashallah. I'm going to put a painting of yours as my cover-photo on Facebook and link to your page so all my friends can see your work.
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:innocent: where have you disappeared to???
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how do you do the video capture thing? Like what do you use to tape it?
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** beautiful and really good =D It will help me a lot!
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ayo lo juga bikin, rif!
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where's your face in this video? :| *minta digampar*
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ah si om segitu kangennya ngeliat muka gwa kah? :D

thanks udah nyebarin kim.. :D
padahal sengaja ngak gwa promosiin di twitter ato fb karna gwa masih ngak pede euy :P
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Wow, very cool. :D
I would also like to know whether or not this SAI (or whatever it is :p) is a free program...? :-)
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Thanks :love:
It's not free.. but it;s not too expensive anyway.. you can get it for under USD70, I guess.. :D
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Wow this is really cool~!
I add my favorites this video. It has helped me a lot.
thank you :heart:
I envy your amazing ability. :D
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Thank you.. :hug:
I'm glad if my tutorial could be useful ^^

My ability is mediocore, I guess.. but I practice almost everyday to perfect it ^^
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oo pake water toh blend nya..btw make SAI bagus nggak si ntar bwat ntar klo dicetak gitu warna nya?
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blom pernah ngeprint langsung dari SAI sih..
tapi kalo kuatir, bikin di SAi, trus olah di photoshop buat FA-nya.. :D

SAI enak buat gambar krn linenya haluuus.. (mirip2 vektor) dan water tool-nya itu.. (walo denger2 di Photoshop CS4 ato CS5 juga ada fitur ini sih..). Trus SAI itu program yg ringan bgt, bahkan ngak usah diinstal pun (cukup copas) udah bisa dipake :D

Coba, atuh :D
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Excellent ! I don't work with SAI, but that video gave me so much ideas to try with photoshop. The trick with the complementary color, the way to color once you've cut the line... And you're so right, highlights are everything in any coloring.
Now I have to try SAI one day. Thanks for the video, Myr!
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THANK YOU! :hug:
I'm glad if my lil' tips could inspired people.
And indeed, highlights are everything, right? :D I took a long way to discover this myself ^^

Try SAI, darling.. you'll love it :D
*and you're welcome..
That was AWESOME!!!! I mean, I've always loved your work, but to actually be able to "see" you work? Is just...WOW! =D

Man, I wish I knew how to computer-color. Lol. Is that a free program or a payed program? It looks fun to play with. :)
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hehe.. thank you.. :hug:
SAI is paid program, however, it's much much cheaper than photosop.. only about.. less than USD70, I guess?
But, if it's a Windows program it might not work with my Mac. :(
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..indeed. that was also my problem when I was still using Mac.
well.. just take the tips then ^^, it could also be use in photoshop and corelPaint :D
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