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winter angst

i decided to try manual watercolor pencil as the basic coloring..
and edit it with photoshop later.. ^^

well...actually i just wanna draw them face-to-face, but my mood is a bit mellow, so i put some angsty feeling here..
sakura looks like she was gonna die or something, and sasuke just lay breathless next to her. the place is outside in the winter when the snow fall down, but i realize that my choice of their clothes aren't for the winter one. ah, never mind the little fact, will you? ^^
and her face is bit..weird -____-'
too wide, i know it.. forgive me...

anyway, tell me what do you think?
thanks so much before!
:D :D
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SasuSakku-Love's avatar
Oh my God, it looks so real, I love the expressions they have
BlueEyedKitty's avatar
awesome work, inspired me to make a fan fiction
NatAliDenton's avatar
This is beautiful, I love the colour and how you've drawn her face and how simply but awesome it looks :]
MichiMangelhaft's avatar
Is so romantic and sweet. I loved. You are very talented. <3
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Sasujonedward's avatar
wow awesome!! ive always wanted to try watercolor pencils! kinda reminds me of thezabuza/haku ending...
good job
insanityblob's avatar
This is so sad and beautiful. I love the painterly coloring style! ^_^
Amaterinasu's avatar
I love her face and the picture
Bagoon825's avatar
Beautiful,and so sad V_V
I kinda hate Sasuke, but man...
Sasusaku rocks!!!
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Jester08's avatar
Awesome! Keep it up! ^_^
NorngPinky's avatar
Angst in this fan art looks beautiful. The scene looks really sad, but somehow it seems calm, and peaceful as well. Great job! -adds to fave-
Sukio's avatar
This pic makes me very sad, but very happy at the same time. I'm awed by it's bitter-sweet beauty. All of your sasusaku pics are amazing! Keep it up!
Sarlet's avatar
oh it's so pretty,reminds me of the Zabuza Haku death. So sad,I adore this.
zutara-shewolf777's avatar
I love the texture of this piece... and overall, it's very moving
outcastxx's avatar
omg just when i browse in your gallery, i see so many awesome pictures.. :D :D girl, you have some talent.. =D =D
sorceressmyr's avatar
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ANother one of those Zabuza moments where it randomly snows. o;

Raine2's avatar
Actually, her face is very pretty. It's my favorite part of the picture.
sorceressmyr's avatar
thank you sooo much!! :D
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