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i don't know why i choose that title.
all i want to do is to draw an aristrocrate look for them, and in pose one, like some models in that shinny magazine. :D :D

i love doing the background and more i love the result.
and yes, i do realize that the window still has the patterned wallpaper behind. it's the setting. ;)

inspiration come from this heartthrobbing fic, beyond temptation
here's the [link]
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Honestly, I don't like this couple. But by god you draw them so beautifully it makes me like seeing them together. :la:
<i still have no hope for them in the manga, sasuke is loosing his mind and i just cant see it anymore>
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Wha, it's excellent, love the pose :D
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I love that fanfic I wish she would update though. Nice picture too! You should do some more :)
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very nice ^^ love the clothes :D
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I actually wanted 2 ask u about the title! ^^; it looks like they'r dancing!
Lovely lovely!!! :D
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i've also read that fanfic. your sasusaku drawing is just like how i imagined them. :D
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Wow!I like how you've done the background and I like the pose. Both Sasuke and Sakura look good too.[link]
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love it! es una de mis imagenes favoritas!
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I like it very much! nwn
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que mano tan atrevida :O
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They both look so smokin' sexy...I adore it, just as I adore your whole art :XD: I am soooo happy that you draw SasuSaku :heart:
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Impressive O_O they're sooooo cute together *_* and so well drawn ><
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I wanna wear Saku-chans gown there at my Prom... *o*... it looks fantastic...

Love the colors and the pose. The way they were drawn is nicely done as well. Good job. ^^
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so glamorous.
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Ive already commented!
Well tis awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's..stunning, you can see some lust in their eyes, and it's so elegant!
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You make them so hot here. *__*
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X3 very nice!!!
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