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red dawn_sasusaku ver

sasusaku version of [link]
I dislike to put same thing in my gallery, so I put here in scraps :P

Gooosh.. I'm sooooo in sasusaku mood these day..
Kishimoto-sensei.. please.. make their reunion come soon! XDDD
We are dying to wait! :XD:

both characters (c) Kishimoto Masashi
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wow that came out amazing
and did u hear kishi is working on a third part :O
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oh my this looks absolutely gorgeous
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This is beautiful; truly. I love everything about it. The colors, the softness, the mood, the lighting, I love it all. :heart:
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wow it looks so real
great job love it
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I always love the way you color your drawings... such a distinguishable technique.

Love their eyes so much, as well as the emotions they are trying to express. :heart:

SasuSaku :heart:
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oh I miss sasusaku so much, too!!:crying:

beautiful picture!:heart:

→ I FREAKIN' love SasuSaku [♥]
='cause they are HOT!!:giggle:

→I love bubblegum [♥]
='cause it tastes good!:chew:

→I love music[♫]
='cause it's life!:tunes:

:heart:Love is the wonderful feeling:heart:°~
=SasuSaku+NaruHina 4 ever!!
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oh how I miss SasuSaku <3
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great as always dear. I love your art. I'm sorry i'm a horrid critic.
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draw more sasusaku please!!!
RynoBengawan's avatar
siapa yg kamu sebut we are...
sekarang lagi ngehip narunaga tau...
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iih, berantemnya udah kelamaan tauu... mulai bosyeeen..
paling ngak, munculin sasuke lagi dong :D
RynoBengawan's avatar
tenang nanti gwa dateng koq pas wisudaan sabtu ini, ngampus aja...
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nice I love your jobs!:D...
it is so fantastic!:D...
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I miss your SasuSaku arts. They're always so beautiful!
I am in a sasusaku mood too. :D
Beautiful, as always.
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I looked at the Sasuke only version, and I think that it looks a ton better with Sakura there! I'm biased because I like those two together, but for other reasons to! It just completes the picture more, and the cloak has more meaning. In the S-only pic, it seemed more like it was a collage about Sasuke, but you can interpret the meaning a bit more with this pic! I don't understand the moon part, but i do love the technique used on Sasuke and Sakura, especially the contrast (that I see) between the coloring on Sasuke compared to Sakura. His seems darker and makes you think more about what he's done, his purposes... etc.

and if this was WAY to much that makes no sense - espcecially from a very beginner artist who simply felt garrulous today- please accept my apologies.
good job!
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Seriously, we're dying without them >_<! It's very dramatic; I love it! :love:
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The eyes..?

Dreamcasting, I fucking love it.
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this is very pretty! i like the new coloring style you used, too... it turned out very nice!

now... come join the kakasaku FC contest.
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