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new sannins

Naruto and stuff belongs to Kishimoto Masashi.
i just wanna draw them cause i miss team 7 so much...

this is team 7 in their sannin clothes (the weardrobe is from original artwork of the series, but i don't have the link ^^)
and each of them have their own kuchiyose (summoned creatures) with them :)

yeah, i know sasuke resembles orochi too much, cant help it -__-'
and yes, naruto painted his face :D :D
o forgot to draw his whisker, so..forgive me ><
(btw, i love the old naughty little naruto, so that the kind of him that i drew here)

coloring with photoshop.

dedicated for all team 7 fans ^^
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great work. sakura looks like a younger tsunade
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Ah this I remember this I really loved it, glad I found the arts :)
I really loved the details and the style this is drawn in, light colors and seem like a woodblock piece. very nice.
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Sakura with big boobs? Hahah I loved it!
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Narutos red face paint, what is it called?

Kabuki paint

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This picture kinda came true in ch. 633. :)
its true most of the old ones r dead
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woow it's amazing!!!:D
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Lovely! It makes me miss them so much :)

- Sasuke, get back to Team 7 already orz.
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gr8 job :P it's amazing xD
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Woah, epic designs! =D
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Sakura gets unlucky there... who would want a slug as a summon???
Because said slug can dissolve herself into a million tiny copies, individualized yet telepathically linked, and can provide healing assistance to everyone they come across.
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Unlucky? I've met people who are afraid of snakes but aren't afraid to kiss a banana slug.
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in the "new sannins" pic
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I adore this! not only is the art and coloring wonderful, but the whole aspect behind it. I think they will become exactly like their teachers. Well, not exactly, but you get my meaning. If you have a link to that to the original artwork, i'd love to see it. I can;t find it LOL. I can just picture this. I know, I miss team 7 too =(
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Great concept love it
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Orochimaru's legacy = creepiness
Tsunade's legacy = beauty
Jiraiya's legacy = eccentricity

Just my thoughts from the resemblance. xD Very nice pic.
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this. is. EPIC.
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