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jounins in the dawn

cause i miss team 7 sooo bad!!
and i really..really..really... want to see them in jounin uniform!

in that pic,they are getting ready for the coming enemies who tried to attack Konoha.
-sasuke is pissed cause something bother his village,and he already turn his sharingan on for them.
-sakura is excited to beat the foes with her smashy.
-naruto wants to show his new jutsus, and to prove himself worth to be hokage.
-kakashi doesn't want to miss the fun.



i still love playing with the pop art styling.
messy lineart huh? sorry... >__<'' can't help it since i made it in a rush 3 hours with painter and photoshop :P

btw, Naruto and stuff are property of Kishimoto Masashi.
not mine. damn.
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Jounin and ANBU Team 7 are the best fanarts (and hopefully, official arts)!!! <3 KUDOS
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<3 wow, awesome ^^
What it should have been! *cries*
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The perfect end <3
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Oh yeah I miss them too...nice Picture !!!
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can you make team 7 in anbu uniforms? this looks awesome~~!!!!
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Amazing!!! i love it!!! Sasuke looks like ben barnes (Prince Caspian)xD so cutee

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this is the way it should be
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i hope they'll get back together and team up against madara
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Heads up: [link]

I already reported it ... but it wouldn't hurt if you did the same. :shrug:
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I've reported also.
Thanks so much for telling me :hug:
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... I recognized your drawing style in the thumbnail. :)
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this ir really amazing!!! I want to see that in the manga=D!
go to my favs!!
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If Sasuke comes back, Team 7 is unstoppable!! >8D
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sometimes, a messy drawing can lead into something wonderful. XD

anyways, i love how u did sakura here. and naruto, well, i like his pose! XD and sasuke is sooo cool here. :love:
^//^ I love Sasuke Face!!!
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