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March 9, 2007
Ever tried to capture time in a picture ? This is exactly what departed angel by ~sorceressmyr does. A really beautiful concept illustration, which should get some more attention. Enjoy !
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departed angel


this time i tried to use the flatter time-space style of drawing. my lecturer once said that this is actually the original visual-style of my country, Indonesia. different from the western use (he said it called NPM, Naturalys Perspective Moment-opname, which said that pic freezed the time in it). This style actually consists the third dimention of a picture,the time. Yes, a pic, actually, not only consist of the length and height dimentions, but also has 'time' in it that could tell us a story, or like many manga-artist use, a moving pic.

ok, that would be a long theory to be explained, but basicly that was it. so the pic you see here tell about a girl that departs to the sky.

about the pic...
i always have this childish imagination of flying in sky. get freedom to go wherever i want to, with my own wings. this pic also a representatif of the early adulthood when you finally ready to face the world on your own. the wings represent the ability and desire to explore the unknown world, it spread slowly balancing the age. ahahahaaa..some kind of stuff.. ^_^'

i know you must be confused. nevermind, i never good with words anyway..
just enjoy the pic.. :)

ah..i've decided to edit it a bit..
put some shining things in her wings and ad some clouds near the moon..nothing much, but i didn't satisfied with the before..and i correct the spelling too..^^

Copyrights by Mira Tazkia
Do not use this image without my written permission.
Thank you :heart:
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Loveee it!!! :o <3
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You've been featured here: [link] !
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This is beautiful. Your style is so delicate yet powerful, I love it.
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Beautiful work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
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amazing O:! is really beautiful :D
joufancyhuh's avatar
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beauitful piece!! nice job!
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very pretty =]
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soo beautiful :floating:
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I love the progression of the wings.
Lovely. :heart:
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I absolutely love this picture! I think my favorite is the second pose. So much potential just before the leap ..
I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your art work
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Oh wow. This makes me think of a project we were asked to do in grade 12 art. It was life drawings and we watched a video where they drew a nude model as she moved and tried their best to catch as many poses from the movement as possible. I've never been able to catch more than a few lines for each movement but this looks so cool O_O To see her in movement in one piece -3- Automatic favorite. My favorite would be her third movement where her face is covered. It has probibly the most action or movement in it.
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fantastic work :)
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This is so delicate, I love the colours and movement...
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I really like the sens eof movement. : )
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keren abis^^

hasil ajaran pa primadi yah^^
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hehe tau aja.. :D
makasih ya..
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