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The Emperor and His Empress


The Emperor was a product of my frustration while waiting the bus to go home one day. I just wanted to draw a fierce looking male, but it went on and on and on. And thus... somehow, The Emperor was born.

His Empress born when I was bored during work, and need some distraction. Both of them abusing my pen it almost dried out! :|

So, I've been practicing manual sketching, and experimenting with some style.. and somehow, I think I've finally found one that I could proudly call my own. Though it won't stop me to continue practicing and developing and taste another style.

Edit and put them together in Photoshop CS3.
At first I wanted to color them or to put them in interesting layout. However, I think the simplest one is (if it's not always) the best.

But, really.. nothing beats manual drawing for me.
The emotion, man! The emotion! XDD

(c) Mira Tazkia, 2009.
Do not use this picture without my written permission.
Thank you :heart:
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Wow, this is so beautiful!
So beautiful... You get a feeling from looking at them.
The male character reminds me a bit of Alucard from Hellsing in his count form. Maybe the moustache and the clothes?

Anyways, thanks for sharing this!
be-ye-kind's avatar
It's just so amazing. I hope I could get my inspirations back again.

But, you got me. I felt reading again "One thousand and one night".
artbyamandalauren's avatar
This is beautiful. I also love simplicity. Sometimes it says more.

I really love their clothing designs.
GaGaGakun's avatar
gw suka kalungnya
AoiTsuki's avatar
how I wished my doodles turned out this way LOL
Whittacker-CD's avatar
Holy crap that is rather a lot of lines.
Very nice.
shiannitako's avatar
wow, lots o detail which comes all together to make a brillant image :) very nice :P
Izark1369's avatar
ada aura Persian ato timur tengahnya nih XD
jollyalfabet's avatar
I'm loving the little details. It's really so intricate. Thanks for putting it up. C:
Venomoly's avatar

When I get frustrated I can only produce a scribbled mess.

Darn you and your talent!
Very nice though. <3
kirakira14's avatar
Christ, look at all those tiny lines!!! My...brain...
Aerin35's avatar
Beautiful. The emperor's face is just... Wow. I can easily picture them talking a walk in Topkapi's gardens...
sorceressmyr's avatar
Topkapi? :D
hehe.. thank you Aerin! :hug:
Aerin35's avatar
Yup, royal palace in Istanbul... A pure beauty ! And it would go well with those two characters style...
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