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oh yeah..another SuiKa!!
they have this hot tension in hot dessert in the morning..
:D :D

ups..the catagory is abit mistaken, but as usual..the manga/anime fanart doesn't work in my laptop..
i'll change later! ;)
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I've add a comment in the other Deviant account, but I comment here also. GREAT JOB! Luv it, anche Suigetsu look like so sweet! x3
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i like it :D i can really feel the tension... yeeees suigetsu kill karen then i'll have you for myself :heart:
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Nice pic!:D The tension can be clearly seen!
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new favorite parring
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I've never actually thought of this relationship. How cute! I'd love it more if it wasn't for a pink and blue hair combination if they got together. But I'm glad you gave Karin the dark hair we all thought she had.
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i made this before the official color come out.
hehe,but yes i must agree karin's hair is waful -__-'
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Gnéhéhéhéhéhéhéhéhéééééé......They are soooooooooooooooooooooo cute together lol ^^
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They MUST share the sippy cup! *gives Karin a straw*
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eh sekalinya warna rambut karin itu merah lho >< bajunya jg beda warnanya
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iya.. ini bikinnya sebelum official colornya keluar, jadi warnanya kira2 aja.. ^^'
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slurpie! hehe, anyways...nice job!
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I'm not much for this couple but I like the art , they hate eachother too much for me too take seriously...
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hahah, lucuu bgt! sukaa bgt sm ekspersinya! nice job!!
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lol Karins pissed b;c suigestu would share his slushy.
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I love suigetsu he just looks all hot and sweaty, in a good way, in this pic...and Karin knows she wants to have that. UH HUH!

SRSLY he is HOT!

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Suigetsu's saying "siiiippp NOPE! sipppppp NOPE! You can't have any!" And Karin's just thinking 'Damn fish boy! D< All sweaty and evil and won't share his water!' Eviiiiiiil.
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