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Spring Under the Same Sky

This piece is for my friends in SSfanclub in NFforum, who always keep the faith :) (though mine might not be that strong anymore T^T)

I think you might get the concept just by look at it, or I hope so :D :D

Old lineart which I used to color manually, but it came out sucks.. It seems like I'm totally screwed in manual coloring -__-... so I redo it again using digital coloring, and here it comes. :D

It could be my last sasusaku fanart from now on till long time later, or until their story in manga touch my heart once more.. it is still my otp, though T^T

Sasuke and Sakura (c) Kishimoto Masashi
flower brush [link]
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Beautiful art. Well drawn kimono and generally idea.
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Beautiful :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: 
beautiful :) sasusaku FTW!
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I love the series too. Nice one!!
sasusakuvvnaruhina's avatar
siiii amo el sasusaku
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This is great :) I love this concept!
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oh!!! O///O really nice!!! >///<
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Love this! The teals and pinks used compliment each other really well! <3
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Ok finally posted the video of all 10 winners from episode 38's fanart contest. Here it is. [link] Hope you like it.
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Congrats you won fourth place in the Konoha Corner Weekly fan art contest!
You're picture will be used in a video that will be posted up onto the feed
If you have any problems with that please notify the group so we can take it down
Again Congratulations
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oh, so kool :love:
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im speechless...:o:o:o
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so pretty!!!
Great Work ^^
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aww, Sakura's wearing the Uchiha symbol! :icongreatjobplz:
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NFforum? Wow, I'm a member there too XD

I really love the coloring; it's so spring-like :love:
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Gorgeous contrast between both images :D they compliment each other so nicely lovely scene and everything else ^^
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It's gorgeous. I love the attention to detail and the coloring.
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I love the color and contrast to it.
I really like how you swap them. Sakura with the Uchiha fan doing her thing and Sasuke practicing out by the sakura tree. Plus that sakura against the blue sky then her kimono is blue with sakura. Rahter interesting. Did you do that on purpose? Or did I just look wayyy too in depth? Lol
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Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Love it ^^
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