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SS : Red String

More talk in here : [link]

Well, I'm so in SS mood these days, and this is supposed to be a video tutorial about painting in SAI.

Here's the video tutorial : [link]

3,5 hours using SAI Paint Tool.


Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi
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I think it's full of emotion, wonderful :love:
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I'm still in awe....
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Aww...very very cool!! :D:D
Good job! <3<3 :3
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You did a really good job on their faces.
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really great.
i love.
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aw this is so touching.
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really great
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Waw! Amazing drawing :O<3
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breath taking <3
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Your art is so very eye pleasing!!!
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So beautiful! I always look forward to your SS work, and this just shows exactly why. :)
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Why did you try to hurt her, Sask'e? Why??!! ç_________ç
I just love this pic, Sakura's hair and Sasuke's eyes are fabulous <3
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Gila, nee. bagus banget. Lineless ya? QAQ
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I love this! It's beautifully done and Sakura's expression is most definitely in character as well as beautiful, it shows the pain of trying to savor the bond between the two. Sasuke's expression fits as well, being caught in a bond he would have preferred giving up on. Great job!
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SUBLIME! I fall in love with your fanart.

It really shows Sakura's feelings, and the strings that preserves their special relationship. :) I agree with you, we love them because of the angst, we know that it'll be a tragic love story... But, the most beautiful in this pairing, it's the immeasurable love of Sakura for Sasuke, no matter what happens. :heart:
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THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. Myr, you are awesome. So awesome. Thank you for being such a great artist. Thank you for being a sasusaku fan :)))
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It will be hard to wait for the video... I love the sky and Sakura's hair, you did a great job on them.
Sasuke's hairs are very well done too, with the wind movement.
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I haven't been in an SS mood in over a year now... But this picture is just beautiful. I love the red colors on the blood and the ribbon. Their faces have just the right expressions.

Arts like this make me wonder if this ship still has a chance. But something really really awesome would have to happen to make me like them together again.
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