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SS Fancomic : Ambrosia

It's a cover illustration for my 27-pages doujin/fancomic of SasuSaku titled Ambrosia.
You could download the book (less than 4Mb) here:
[link] (rar format)
[link] (zip format)

This doujin was supposed to be finished by 3rd week of July as part of SS-Month (theme : post-canon, day 2 : warmth). However, due to some stuff, I just able to finish it off by now.

Ambrosia is flower language for 'returned love'. ;)
It contains a bit of NH and loads of team7 love :XD:
Done in shoujo style. You've been warned. ;P

Beta-read by ~mikochan-noda
Thanks so much, darling!

Please give me feedback, so I could improve better in my next comic project ^^. Thank you guys...


On side note : The heck with internet these days? It took me AGES to upload (and reupload and again reupload) this less than 4Mb files! ARGH! >.<
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Sharingirl's avatar
Why did I discover it so many years later?! :/
Amazing story 
N-Gikko's avatar
really nice and love it
AridelNightroad's avatar
The extra page is so funny, really nice job!
Rochinata's avatar
I LOOOOOOOOOVED IT!!! I TRANSLATED AND SHOWED TO A FRIEND BECAUSE IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! NaruHina and SasuSaku are my favourites!! please do some more!!! 
Fotogenika-Feniksa's avatar
Will you continue to draw more doujin SasuSaku? This is masterpiece! I love your style Heart
And what about "SS-Month" ? Is it completed? Where I can find it?
Tar-Celebrian's avatar
It's excellent. Seriously, one of the best doujin I've ever read. Sakura and Sasuke are well kept in character, it's awesome !!
Thank you for sharing your work !
MishaRoute's avatar
That was lovely <3333
moosbeeren's avatar
Te lo juro: es el MEJOR dou SasuSaku que he visto en mi vida.

Joder, es que no tengo palabras.

Es el final que deseo, un SasuSaku lleno de esperanza y segundas oportunidades.

Gracias, muchas gracias.
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!
25mar25's avatar
i'm in love with it <3 the extra part was hilarious <3 so funny <3 and so good <3
Jelenalava's avatar
This is brilliant !!!!
I just love it <3
EternalSecrets's avatar
You made me fall inlove with sasusaku all over again! This is brilliant! XD
Lean07's avatar
I love this doujin. so SS and so IC.
NaruHina-always's avatar
That doujin was just SO awesome! I can't even express the giddiness I'm feeling right now *w*
Haru-89's avatar
I like your style... and the design of the character.
Actually... i think I love the design. ;)
Be proud of this great work.
HOW COME I JUST SAW THIS NOW???? Amazing artwork, amazing doujinshi!!!! Great Job ^^
Thefeeye's avatar
You are amazing and this was extraordinary done, maybe more pages :iconawwwplz:.
meganemmacoper3's avatar
your colors skills are amazing
Avigail-Natsumi's avatar
ah! I do not think you need some advice .. q I think is excellent!
maybe you could paint color, an occasional table. decide that what you hehe
Avigail-Natsumi's avatar
amazing job girls! I love the way drawing (so delicate and true) story is beautiful (and very real simple too) ... I was fascinated! great teamwork! congratulations :)
I hope you have plan to create more, I look forward to reading and watching, girls! hehe
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