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I foresaw it coming in next 30-40 chapter ;)
he's already hokage material anyway :D :D

as much as I want him to be mine, Hatake Kakashi is property of Kishimoto Masashi. Along with Icha-icha.
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this has earned you a watcher XD
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OMG. This is a beautiful piece of work...You made Kakashi hotter than he already was.... Wow! 

mintlove Kakashi~!
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damn can he be so hot :jawdrop:
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I LOVE Kakashi but ... I think Naruto should become Hokage. DATTEBAYO!!
~Anyways~ I love this picture and I hope you make more epic kakashi pics
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Hurr! He looks really cool in this! ^^
=D I love that he keeps the mask!
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I love love love love it!

Seriously, I'm happy he didn't become the sixth after all, it's just not like him, sitting behind a desk and caring about paperwork and all.
Still, the pic itself is adorable =3
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may I use it in new Kakashi FC ? :iconkakashi-for-hokage: ? May be you would like to become a member ?
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kakashi would be the best kage eva the fourth great ninja war would be over by the time he atended the bext kage sumit :L
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here was the link to my story that you wanted :

SugarCoatedLawliet's avatar
Is it okay if I use your beautiful picture for a story on
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surely ^^
but please give a credit to me or just a link to this pic url :D
thanks for asking first :heart:
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yes. the link will be what leads them to your picture. :)
thank you,
it's great work.
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that's alright.
it is your picture that gave me the idea of the story after all.
I should be thanking you!
so, thank you.
you're drawing inspired me, and I really hope you can do more Kakashi art in the future..
I'd actually like to make a request; but i'm a little shy to ask.
so before i ask,
i'll ask this,
DO you take requests????
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I been keepinp with the manga......the other villages now recognizes him as Hokage, just as it should be
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The color blends perfectly with the mood & atmosphere. His expression, pose & perspective are well combined. :+fav: :D
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