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Red and The Wolf


Remember my old deviation :
[link] ?

I dunno why it has many favs, since the line is so messy and the coloring is so crappy.. I'm little ashamed to look at it now.. I wish I did it more neatly, so I decided to draw it again. Actually, that old deviation was a secret message to someone (but I think it failed to deliver anyway), but this new one is just for fun. I kinda like this twisted concept of Little Red Riding Hood, so yeah.. :P

Made by using stolen times during crazy office hours, because I feel an urge to practicing my drawing skill again. Man, I'm so stuck! Stupid artblock. Argh.

Done with SAI. *God, I'm still hoping there will be a Mac-version for this awesome Paint Tool. :P

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Do not use this image without my written permission.
Thank you :heart:
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I think for the original the messy linework really emphasised the picture and made it really fresh-looking ... however I cant deny that this one is also super cool! I love the storyline a LOT
Zeldawolfen's avatar
I love it!!! So awesome!! The most unique rendition of the Big Bad Wolf that I've seen.
nessa-calwen's avatar
whoaa, nice one! the colours, the wolf.... ♥ and she is really pretty
VicPin's avatar
I have your old deviiaton on my favs because the drawing is so lovely like this one ;-) Hugs!
Chyna-Angel-Girl's avatar
Gorgeous! I love the poses and expressions c:
kaorimaru's avatar
beautiful and interesting twist
JulietsPuppY's avatar

What a big heart I have, to better to love you with.. Little Red Riding Hood, even bad wolves can be good.
Rhemassance's avatar
>U< sooooooooo sweeeeet!!
TheFrozenDream's avatar
*^* Awww that's so beautiful!
The prettiest I ever saw *v*
WikedWitchoftheWEST's avatar
i love this picture so much its crazy!
i love how gentle the wolf looks.... gentle with the potentail for violence! yet Red looks all inocent like shes being hypnotiesd by him....... its erily beautiful :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
mewmewnya1's avatar
Red Riding Hood the wolf is courting her!
ArchangelLupus's avatar
I love this style of work. Beautiful
wildechilde003's avatar
MiniEda's avatar
I think its wonderful. Might not mean much but you did stelar work.
AnneKeat's avatar
I think the coloring is it's selling point, the colors aren't so vivid, they' you say? stubtle?
I don't really know how to explain. But then there is the wolf who at first glance looks like a gentle monster who adores his little red, but then again looking at it longer, it kind of says that he's just a monster pausing to adore this little girl and her frailness, by the way he's stroking her hair.
dunno, I think you don't give yourself enough credit, it's a wonderful piece of art
Colour-Me-Curious's avatar
I really like the colours you used! It's so well drawn.
Ghost0pera's avatar
This is lovely. I love the fact that you represented the wolf in an almost human form!
Luxed's avatar
I love this!
Something about the colours/lack of shadows really appeals to me in this picture
kismet91's avatar
this is amazing! seriously.
DivineNightShade's avatar
This is so gorgeous! I love your style!
weepingconk's avatar
wow thats really great i love it! fine piece of art that is! i like your character desingfor the red wolf
Leo-ness's avatar
Great picture! This made my day.
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