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Farewell, My Konoha..

Farewell, mom and dad...
Farewell, Ino-pig..
Farewell, Kakashi-sensei..
Farewell, Tsunade shisou..
Farewell, Naruto...

Farewell, my Konoha..

Sakura say goodbye in a morning mist after decided to leave her village, her friends and family, and all her past to join Sasuke in their own journey together...

..of course it's just a fanfic..
kinda inspired by "Color Theory" by BlueGreenApple [link] but not like in the fic, I kinda like if Sakura is the one who decide to join Sasuke, while he opposed it at first, but accept it later. :D

it's been a while since I draw another sasusaku.. so here it is :D
again, result of a stressful night doing my final project for college. I color it quickly, just take an hour photoshopping.. so forgive me if the result is so messy.. ^^

Sasuke and Sakura (c) Kishimoto Masashi.
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I love it! it's just perfect! LoveLove
Tsuki222's avatar
Quite sad but beautiful pic!
TukikoKinikia's avatar
Beautiful, love it!
Gulminar's avatar
Perfect shot!

Now I want to read the fic!
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So well done you got Sakura's facial expression perfectly well done my fellow sasusaku fan :love:
7disney7's avatar
awesome work here!
AnAngelicDay's avatar
omg T^T this is making me so full of emotions T^T
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This is really nice. I love Sakura's eyes in this. I'm reading Color Theory right now. I love it!
Shiako-sama's avatar
I really like it!! ♥♥
But what means Farewell??
(sry,I'm from Germany Dx)
Go on drawing!! lg me!! ♫
NaruHina-always's avatar
farewell means goodbye :)
Shiako-sama's avatar
Oh,yes!! (Google is my friend xD)
Shiako-sama's avatar
Yeah,I'm crazy,I know xD
Shiako-sama's avatar
xD *smiling*
D'you speak german?
NaruHina-always's avatar
no. im guessing you do? :)
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Love this fic, and love your art :D
BlueEyedKitty's avatar
its such a cute pictur3!
glad i saw this picture, i got to read the fanfiction
PoppyXHatake's avatar
I don't like sasusaku........ but sakura looks a real cutie in this!!!
madameraposa's avatar
rereading color theory thought I'd stop by ...pic is awsome :)
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this is so beautiful <3 You can really read and feel Sakuras emotions.....
TokiChirikamoNi's avatar
It's beautiful. I have read Color Theory and this pic is fitting perfectly. =oD
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