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Black Waltz

Well, though it was a chapter late, and it seems uncertain..
I really wish to see Sakura fight Sasuke. Literally.
What can I say.. I love the wangst. :XD:

As for you who ask why Sakura dissapearing like that, it was her genjutsu. I want her upgrade, so I made her already using genjutsu and the axe (which I designed very poorly -sorry- ).

Bring it, Kishi!!

Naruto (c) Massashi Kishimoto.
Ps : This is a pro-ss art, please do not use in any anti-ss material. Thank you.
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Epic! and yes, I just want ONE fight between the two or even just a good punch to the face, because I'll be honest. Sasuke completely deserves it. :D
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Awesome work, the pose is amazing :faint:
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OMG... i love it!
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OMG It's lookin really amazing!
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That's amazing! I really love the colors and she should totally have an axe! Really amazing!
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Yah, i wanted to see her fight sasuke! that will be great!
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oh ss, you should happen
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I also wish that Sakura would fight Sasuke in the manga..

Anyway, amazing fanart!!!
fantastic!!! their expressions are perfect for this moment and the fact they're fading away makes the pic even cooler!!! great job:)
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this is awesome and gorgeous
and me too I WANT SASUSAKU FIGHT DAMNIT but kishi's a meanie
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Looks like Sasuke has more then fighting on his mind... :giggle: :XD:
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Let's go Saku',and fight !!è_é
Kill Sauce Okay please !!
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It'd be epic if Sakura could actually dissolve into cherry blossom petals like that movie filler girl - what was her name? Kurenbana?

Beautiful piece here, really love the movement.
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EEEEKKKK! Love it! Awesome imagination for the genjutsu! Awsome style too, I love how you line the lips and eyebrows, it makes the pic crisp! :nod:
I wish Kishimoto let Sakura be that awesome. The genjutsu probably wouldn't work with the Sharingan, but I would so LOVE to see Sakura whack Sasuke with an axe... or just punch him in the face. Naruto's taken his fair share of hits, it's Sasuke's turn.

And since he seems to be immune to the Will of Fire, the rest of Team 7 is probably gonna have to beat some sense into Sasuke. I just wish Kishimoto would let his girls loose... he underuses and undervalues them so. It makes me sad.

Luckily we have fanart like this that celebrates and appreciates them. :)
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when i think of Kishimoto, i feel a boiling in my gut something fierce. sakura will never get upgraded unless all fanfiction authors have agreed upon upgrades. Is Kishimoto-san sexist?
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What i really LOVE is the look in his eyes. That's just awesome! i dont care much for the fight, but i love that look!
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So sexy and pretty. I'm hoping for a SasuSaku fight scene too, because I'm REEEAAAALLLLY hoping that they'll find they won't be able to kill each other (and fall into a passionate embrace XD) Then Naruto could come along and be like "...?"
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Awesome concept!

I agree with you; I would love to see a Sakura upgrade and do hope to see a fight between the two of them...

...and maybe end up in a "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" kind of ending...*insert perv laugh*

..Many chapters later, and we still got nothing...come on, Kishi! Where's that SasuSaku interaction us fans desperately wants to see?! :shakefist:
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EEEEE, it's so cuuttee XDD. I love the colors and the poses!! The expressions are amazing too!
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