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June 5, 2011
Bittersweet Lollipop by ~sorceressmyr

The suggester says: "Lovely and moving at the same time, a story that says much, without a single word. Take a look at the rest of this beautiful gallery too!"
Featured by Nyiana-sama
Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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Bittersweet Lollipop

Oh shit.
What a poor boy.....



It was a short, non-word comic that I made that tell about memories. ^^

Taste and smell happen to be a strong trigger to raise one's memory of something. Lollipop, the little candy, has both specific taste and smell, so sweet it's impossible to be forgotten, and I used it to illustrate a bittersweet memory about a boy's (failed) first love.

First love, after all, a memory that will forever be in one's heart. Don't you agree?

I repost this pic from my artblog : [link]
Come and visit me there ^^

(c) Mira Tazkia, 2009.
Do not use this picture without my written permission.
Thank you :heart:
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© 2009 - 2021 sorceressmyr
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KookyvonKrazy's avatar
Truly a bittersweet moment.
XSamii's avatar
awwwwwwwww <3
E3tsuki's avatar
:D :3 nuff said
AirbrushFox's avatar
N'awww you just gotta empathise with that guy.
Engelchen19's avatar
Really nice work!
No words needed.
Lady-of-the-Shield's avatar
touching and heart breaking. I like how you do not need words to tell the story . I liked how you specifically mentioned that the taste brought up the memory. Very well done.
cloud-guy's avatar
Brilliant: the use of color, the concept, the execution, the layout... This is why I love comics.
VavaBeeb's avatar
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
Gitchgitch's avatar
waw keren,,suka gaya warnain n ceritanya :D
sorceressmyr's avatar
hehehe.. makasih yaa :D
MusicAgainstTheHeart's avatar
momoshirochuu's avatar
Flara-Chan's avatar
So sad! I really love the colors here. <3 Congratulations on the DD! :love:
CheeseVision's avatar
This is so bittersweet, I love it!
HyricanX's avatar
It makes me cry -.-
NakbuSyncast's avatar
this made me.... sad, to be honest. :iconsadsighplz:
mzzyarts's avatar
This is so sad T___T
BlueFoxJutsu's avatar
aaaww.. I love the "bittersweet" nostalgia:heart:. And the colors just bring more life to the panels. Very nicely done :clap:.
FalyneVarger's avatar
Took me 4 reads before I got it. lol
But once you understand it, it's pretty good. It would have been an easier "read" if there was some distinct way to distinguish between past and present.
sorceressmyr's avatar

Thanks for the clever critic and advice.
Next time I'll pay close attention to that :hug:
FalyneVarger's avatar
You're quite welcome. :)
Looking forward to seeing your progress!
ThayShad's avatar
wow... lovable!!
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