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10/10 would bang Vanitas
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July 28, 1993
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Wow uh
It's literally been three years since I last wrote a journal....? Wow, and this isn't really a journal either... Anyway, I'm writing this because I'm currently doing some quick commissions. I'm in university and I need some money for some small necessities-- lunch money, transport, shampoo. I've also got a around ~$300 school fee to pay, but that's not what this is for. So the pricing is super simple. $5 for a coloured chibi $10 for a coloured bust (torso up) This is stuff I can complete quite quickly. I don't have many examples on my deviantART, but you can go to this post on my Tumblr, which is essentially the same info. But with mo
Reminder~! And Armageddon Rin-down (whut?)
My kiriban is 7777! Lucky Strike! It's approaching fast so keep on the lookout! Just screencap it and send it to me in a note. I WILL draw fanart but you have to give me details, lolololol~ Preferrably something I'M into. Blue Exorcist meybe? Anyway~ ARMAGEDDON 2011!! This year I attended as Shizuo Heiwajima. I know I wasn't the only one, but you may have recognized me as the one who was effectively BLIND. It was cool, I got a few photos (including one with an IZZAAAYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) and a number of people asked me for hugs. As always, cracked ribs all around~ I'm quite
Tumblr mostly Blue Exorcist stuff, but I'm on an FF8 high about now and I'll also post sketches that I don't submit here. come on, follow meeee I think I have like 5 followers lolololol T3T /is lonely. I'll make a proper journal some other time.


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hello could you make a video of how to download cosplay crisis and set it up so that it can be played? is that he tries to do it but he tells me that the file RGSS102E.dll is not found. I downloaded it again and it tells me the same
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Anime forum is back to full strength and works on mobiles too now. Come visit us.

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girl it's 2014 why you don't post
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Hi there! Long time no speak! Finally got to the point when I have time to come onDA somet,mes, so thought I would say hi! Cant believe Balamb-Gardens-Elite is still going! How have you been?
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Woah, hey! It has been a long time!
I'm good, progressing, in Uni now studying game design. And still working on an FF8 game.

Because seven years is totally an acceptable dev-time, right? XD
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Haha! No worries, I'm still working on Arcana (for about 6 years)... Working in a media company making websites now xD Jealous of your uni course though!
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Thanks for the watch!