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Queen of War by SorceressIgnis Queen of War by SorceressIgnis
Contest entry to WinxClub-MissMagix 

Like every good queen, Ombra knows martial art very well. 'Cause why not? If you have to command troops, it's better to do it with wisdom, not pointlessly waving your arms, hoping that everything will work out.
Ok, something about outfit, appearance, maybe about the castle. Or rather about a palace.
Ombra comes from the planet, which its inhabitants called the Planet of Sands and it isn't an unfounded name. It's easier there for glass than anywhere else, which is why the table is glass (This is completely out of the question, I know). Gold has always been for the rulers, no matter where they lived, hence the armor in gold.
Strange, purple glow and equally strange clouds are afterimages of ghosts, on which advice the Queen of Ghosts can always count when it comes to fighting. However, through the advice they give her, the queen gains their taste. The purple cape is certainly not very good for a fight, but it gives the taste and authority to the person who wears it. The queen does not wear a crown - it is too heavy and impractical. Silver threads were always worn by soldiers in gala costumes, and gold - by commanders. As a ghost, Ombra does not have to be afraid of wounds, but through the experience of her advisers, she protects her arms and legs very well, because they were often hurting there.
As for the palace. It's beautiful, right? And every king is greedy, even a little. There is no other way with queens, not with this queen anyway. First, conquer one's palace, then another, march to some great fortress, and finally get the whole world!

Only Ombra:  MissMagix2v2hev by SorceressIgnis

(Okay. I'm hopeless when it comes to translating texts)
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wyvernwhisper Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely amazing, i love the ways she's looking intently at the castle planning the attack on the castle
RoBerTa-talia Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018
I love her look, and the castle.
MrDark92 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018
Świetna praca, bardzo podoba mi się zarówno strój, jak i koncept :)
SUP-FAN Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Nice digital work
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