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A Sky Full of Stars by SorceressIgnis A Sky Full of Stars by SorceressIgnis
Man, I love this song.

Contest entry to WinxClub-MissMagix 

How can there be something more romantic than the spirit of a violinist who plays serenade for his beloved queen of ghosts? NOTHING! And so they are - Ombra Aldila' and the ghostly violinist whose name nobody knows (except Ombra, but she will not tell us. How sad :c). Yeah, he has a girlfriend. You can give up your hopes.
She's the queen of ghosts, he's just a poor violinist. Why are they together? And why are people generally together? I have no idea! No one knows that! And do you know?

Explain the drawing? Why does it represent Valentine's Day? Short story/description/few sentences:
"It is a calm, foggy night. Two moons - Ocean and Flash - shine calmly in the sky, showing their majesty to the inhabitants of the Eternal Sea. The stars shine brightly in the sky, and the fog dances with the wind to the rhythm of a beautiful song that is spreading near the grim ship. Hardly anybody could see the ship in the darkness, obscured by fog, and even fewer people would see two ghosts sitting near the bow. They sit on the rail and listen to the melody of the violin, which is intertwined with the songs of sea birds sitting somewhere on the mast. Normally they did not do it. He should play at some sad ceremonies and listen to news from the world, she should lead her crew of ghosts through the open sea. After all, dark times have come. But on this one day of the year, they can afford to stay together longer".
And this is the essence of Valentine's Day. To still be together, even one day (yeah, veeeery deep, I know).

If you do not see the heart in this picture, you can play "connect the dots/fireflies" near the violinist because it is there.
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PhoenixFlameFairy Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No to już wiem, kto wygrywał na tych skrzypcach! Oby tylko mi poloneza nie zaczął rzępolić!

Nie powiem, praca piękna... Taka romnatyczna! Bardzo podoba mi się ich efekt duchowości.
MrDark92 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Piękna praca :clap:
RoBerTa-talia Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
So romantic. <3
PandBTV Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful art^^
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