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Second (non-winx) account: MrsTanato

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writing, reading, painting, being happy

MYO Time!

MYO Time!

MYO is popular lately, so I'll do one too. And what? Nobody will forbid me! !RULES! You must stick to the transformation descriptions. Exceptions are only allowed if your fairies have some specific characteristics, e.g. Ignea always has goggles. You can choose any character. ANY. No restrictions! (however, witches do not have any specific guidelines other than fairies) It must be full-body art. It can be made on a base, but it must be a full art. It cannot be a sketch or a simple design on a design base. Don't forget to credit everything! If your source is "google", you are disqualified! Everyone can draw up to 4 arts! Tag me in the description so that I can find your art. If everything is ok, I will add your art to THIS folder. If not, I'll just write what needs to be improved :D !HOW TO JOIN! Write under my featured comment that you are joining. You don't have to choose a fairy or transformation, just write "I join" or something like that. Draw art and credit me in the description

Creativity contest!

Creativity contest!

My favourite feature is creativity. That's probably the only good thing about me. I'm a terrible person. Anyway, it's time for the contest, since in total this option gathered the most votes (REALLY many votes, mhm). But don't worry, I will do the rest of the things which were on the list because YES. !CREATIVITY CONTEST! No transformations, no fantransformations, none of these things (half of the small group just left the chat). Instead, I focus on weird clothes, some fancy ones and so on. I will give a few topics that you can choose and let your imagination run wild! !DEADLINE! 31 July, 23:59 (UTC+2) !TOPICS! Ghost Ship Ombra is a ghost captain, Aka is a non-ghost guardian with two sabres, there is also a ghost crew. Draw at least one of them on the ghost ship! Ombra's folder: Aka's folder (This is my friend's OC, but she let me borrow her for the contest. Credit @MagicalAkali if you decide to draw her!):

I'm bored. Want a contest or something?

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  • Anything. You should study, you lazy little

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Happy birthday! Best wishes! :)
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