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Ceci n’est pas une sculpture. C'est une peinture d'une sculpture...
This is not a sculpture... This is a painting of a sculpture... ;D

Edit: After staring at this for too long and rereading the description too many times, I hope that the claim, 'This is not a sculpture,' didn't make anyone think that the 'original' statue of Levana on Luna was just a painting and not a sculpture. The wording here is okay, but since I did it in a different order on my entry's description, that might've been weird. XD;;

Inspired by the thought ‘Huh, the Portrait may be in the form of a sculpture. ...WHAT IF SOMEONE WAS PRO ENOUGH TO CARVE AN ANCIENT GREEK STYLE MARBLE STATUE OF LEVANA?!?!!’

Obviously I can't carve wood, much less marble. So I guess we'll just paint it in such a fashion so that it looks like a sculpture... ;D If you squint (or take off your glasses) you can pretend it's a photo lol. Sorry, the background and the wolf whom I’ve decided is Ryu’s uncle aren’t quite as photorealistic. After spending like 5 hours on the head alone, I think that at least that part looks convincing enough without squinting. :lmao: Everything could be more photorealistic if I tried more but...

I TOLD myself I would NOT join the contest. However, this idea seemed so amusing... ;;OTL Hence, I ended up spending the last four days straight on it (Manga Studio kept randomly 'Not Responding' on me too...) I am so tired @____@;; Next time I do something ‘for the lulz,’ I should probably make sure that it’s not insanely challenging and time-consuming.....

At any rate, young Queen Levana’s beauty has been immortalized in stone for all of Luna to admire. :lmao:

Weird facts about the statue ref:
     - When I was trying to figure out who the sculpture was by, Google image search told me ‘dmitriy egorov,’ but the Wiki page that comes up is for the mathematician, Dmitri Egorov, which derped me out like crazy because we learned about ‘Egorov’s Theorem’ in Measure Theory this semester. I was so confused. XD;;
     - Apparently it isn’t even a real statue??? This confused the heck outta me too. :faint: Oh the Irohny...

The Lunar Chronicles (c) Marissa Meyer Refs | statue dress wolf crown marble
EVERY-FREAKIN'-THING [MS] | Wed-Sat, Nov 26-29, 2014 // Total time spent | 28+hrs / 4 days
{more Lunar Chronicles art here}

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This is amazing.
I have to be honest with you, the thumbnail looked like a photo. I thought to myself "oh, she's on a trip and this is a statue she saw." Once I clicked it, I could see that it was a painting, but it is still REALLY realistic!
I think that this is a great idea, and you made it look wonderful.
The lighting is amazing and yet again you can see all the time and effort put into it!
Great Job!!

Oh, I need a hundred words?
Sorry . . . nine, eight, seven, six, five,
Oh my gosh