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TLC - Immortalized

By Sorcaron
Ceci n’est pas une sculpture. C'est une peinture d'une sculpture...
This is not a sculpture... This is a painting of a sculpture... ;D

Edit: After staring at this for too long and rereading the description too many times, I hope that the claim, 'This is not a sculpture,' didn't make anyone think that the 'original' statue of Levana on Luna was just a painting and not a sculpture. The wording here is okay, but since I did it in a different order on my entry's description, that might've been weird. XD;;

Inspired by the thought ‘Huh, the Portrait may be in the form of a sculpture. ...WHAT IF SOMEONE WAS PRO ENOUGH TO CARVE AN ANCIENT GREEK STYLE MARBLE STATUE OF LEVANA?!?!!’

Obviously I can't carve wood, much less marble. So I guess we'll just paint it in such a fashion so that it looks like a sculpture... ;D If you squint (or take off your glasses) you can pretend it's a photo lol. Sorry, the background and the wolf whom I’ve decided is Ryu’s uncle aren’t quite as photorealistic. After spending like 5 hours on the head alone, I think that at least that part looks convincing enough without squinting. :lmao: Everything could be more photorealistic if I tried more but...

I TOLD myself I would NOT join the contest. However, this idea seemed so amusing... ;;OTL Hence, I ended up spending the last four days straight on it (Manga Studio kept randomly 'Not Responding' on me too...) I am so tired @____@;; Next time I do something ‘for the lulz,’ I should probably make sure that it’s not insanely challenging and time-consuming.....

At any rate, young Queen Levana’s beauty has been immortalized in stone for all of Luna to admire. :lmao:

Weird facts about the statue ref:
     - When I was trying to figure out who the sculpture was by, Google image search told me ‘dmitriy egorov,’ but the Wiki page that comes up is for the mathematician, Dmitri Egorov, which derped me out like crazy because we learned about ‘Egorov’s Theorem’ in Measure Theory this semester. I was so confused. XD;;
     - Apparently it isn’t even a real statue??? This confused the heck outta me too. :faint: Oh the Irohny...

The Lunar Chronicles (c) Marissa Meyer Refs | statue dress wolf crown marble
EVERY-FREAKIN'-THING [MS] | Wed-Sat, Nov 26-29, 2014 // Total time spent | 28+hrs / 4 days
{more Lunar Chronicles art here}

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This is amazing.
I have to be honest with you, the thumbnail looked like a photo. I thought to myself "oh, she's on a trip and this is a statue she saw." Once I clicked it, I could see that it was a painting, but it is still REALLY realistic!
I think that this is a great idea, and you made it look wonderful.
The lighting is amazing and yet again you can see all the time and effort put into it!
Great Job!!

Oh, I need a hundred words?
Sorry . . . nine, eight, seven, six, five,
Oh my gosh
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You're suppose to find some thing for me to improve on or blah blah. XP Shouldn't be difficult to fill up 100 words.

Thumbnail looks like a photo! I'll take it. :la:

I just followed the statue (er, computer rendered statue?) for lighting on the skin and hair, but I guess the rest of it was kind of ambiguous. :shrug: I'll take that to mean it worked. :D :D
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well, I wasn't that far away and I didn't see any need for improvement: it looks amazing!

Aha, you'd better cuz it looks great!Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 

Yes, it worked very well! It looks very nice!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] 
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:iconohuplz: There's always something to improve on.

Done. :iconherotimeplz:

Thanks! :iconbummiesplz:
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Aha, no problem!! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
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Aaahh, I think this was the very first piece of work I saw of yours!! *memories (lol, it wasn't that long ago really) You should definitely do more of this style :D
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Was it? How disappointing to discover that this is far above my usual style. :lmao: Someday! Ask me in about 5 years lol I definitely remember seeing your entry and being like, "Oh crap! That's some steep competition!!! XD"

Remind me of your TLC timeline?
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Not better, just different style :) 
Haha, I know! There always seem to be a ton of TLC entries (and really good ones) whenever there are contests :o 

Hmm, well I read Cinder and Scarlet the summer 2014 and then Cress closer to Fall 2014. Then I was looking on Pinterest for fan art (and saw lostie's portraits <3) and I think I clicked on the source link to some of the art and it brought me to tumblr... and somehow I found out about the Fairest contest and TLCShipWeeks?? Haha, it all seems so long agoSweating a little... 

When did you first read the TLC series?

**Yes! We will all be like TLC grandmas/grandpas in 5 years and discuss the books over tea an cookies Wink/Razz 
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Seriously! I'm like, whaaat, there were 365 entries for that fanfic contest?! Where did they all go? (i.e. ppl never post online and share with others. :shakefish:) I guess the stakes are rather high. o3o

Ahaha, nice. Did you not have a tumblr before TLC? I made my mf-islands account back in 2011 (for some reason. I don't remember why) but I didn't start using it at all until I started posting for TLC.

**ahahaha, just like lovelunarchron's grandma post! XDD
Somebody needs to draw this lolol

Prepare for a wall-of-text because I already typed most of this up for someone else before. :iconwalloftextplz:

July 2013:
Read CINDER and SCARLET [Round 0]
Jan 2014: Reread CINDER and SCARLET [Round 1]
Feb: Read CRESS / *buys all 3 audiobooks* / listen to CRESS, SCARLET, and CINDER [Round 2]
Throughout 2014: Fall into the deep, dark pit that is Tumblr because there aren’t enough TLC fans on DeviantArt *cries*
May: Start working on fairy tale AU fanfic with NightmareSiren in earnest (and somehow*, we end up shipping Channarin (ChannaryxTorin) and Rivana (RikanxLevana) (er, the latter is mostly one-sided XD)
June: Re-listen to C/S/C again [Round 3]
Aug-Oct: Time is eaten up by LunarHeadcanons/drawing stupid drawings for them / start planning TLC Ship Weeks
Sep-Nov: Spend copious amounts of time prepping for launch of TLCSW
Nov: Announce TLCSW
(Oct - Dec): Re-read/listen to C/S/C for readathon [Round 4]
Dec-Jan 2015: admin+draw (19 pieces..) for TLCSW
Jan: Read FAIREST, ofc. Meet MM at Cincinnati book signing.
Feb: Re-listen to FAIREST
March: Pretty-much-hiatus. *faints*
July: Round 6, 6, 5, and 3 of each TLC book. Started working on promo banner for this year's TLCSW (eventually decided to not continue for the time being).
Aug: Spend a lot of money on SW cards???
Nov: Read WINTER. Meet MM at L.A. book signing.
Dec: *um, still on hiatus mostly???* I don't know what I'm doing. Currently slowly making my way through the WINTER audiobook. :la:

*Rivana was somewhat of an accident... And Channarin was inspired by the ‘Torin is Cinder’s Dad’ theory. In both cases, our AU fanfic discussions kind of made me obsessed with those two ships. XD;;

That * part was not relevant, but I thought I'd leave it in there LOL

I'm still on Tumblr hiatus, which is good (xKit won't work on Firefox, and Chrome won't work on my computer, soooo...). I just feel bad for neglecting the fandom. Oh well! :dummy:
This does seem like quite a while ago. o3o
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Haha, I actually saved a folder with maybe a third of all the fan fiction entries so I can totally share it with you on google drive :) Maybe some people might not want it posted anywhere online? Idk

Woah, I rarely re-read any books. I would probably only do it if there was a super long gap in between books in a series. But I also have so many books that I need to read like Leviathan, The Chaos Walking trilogy, Mistborn, and at least one Rainbow Rowell book, lol =p  I have gone back an read chunks of Cinder again a handful of times though. 

Yes! I would accept Torin as Cinder's dad :D I think their personalities and/or demeanor are similar so they could have some really amusing father-daughter moments <3 (Hmm, I might just do something for Ship Weeks ;)

Oh, and I did have a tumblr about three months prior to ship weeks, but it was totally random and I think I only spent time on it once and made 3 posts (which are now deleted). I was a pinterest person, unfamiliar to the big blue dashboard, who had no idea there was so much art and writing and couldn't figure out how to do stuff.Sweating a little... But now I think it's great, especially since you can customize your own blog!

It's the same with Deviantart. I'm having trouble loving the odd green background and all the ads but it seems to be THE place for artists :)
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I've asked for 'bruh' to be defined before, but the answers have been somewhat questionable. XD
grumpynyan's avatar
It's basically just another way of saying bro
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That works. xD
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Absolutely amazing work!! The detail you put into this piece is incredible. Very nice my friend, I love it!! :D :D
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Thank you so much!!! :la: I'm glad you like it~~
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Woah! Amazing, i can see that this piece took you long time, i hope that you make tutorials some day ^^
How long did you take for just the face? ^^ I like the lightning which you changed at the very end very much, it makes the pic warmth. Was it a layer with transpareny you added with this color or what did you do? :D
Thanks for also loading up a progress-pic, i really like to see such things
when i see such amazing drawings like this.
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Ha, yes, very long. :iconorzplz: ha, a tutorial! That'd be awesome, except I wouldn't know what to say other than 'keep color picking and be patient.' XP

*checks description* Face/head alone took about 5 hours. That's when it started to come together/when I believed that this could be done. :faint: Putting the marble texture on Overlay mode gave it a orangish tint, I believe.

Thanks for taking a look at the progress shots! I think those are always fun. :la:
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I would normally give critique when it's requested, but I'm afraid my jaw dropped so hard that it broke clean off of my face.
Absolutely astonishing.
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Well that's one way to put it. XD
Thank you so much! o/ Though I'll still take a critique if you want to give one haha
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Wow. This is incredible!
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