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Ash to Misty TF TG

By SoraWolf7
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And with this, my end of the year deviation dump is over. Man, what a year it`s been. Good times, good times.

Anyway, this was also requested and it also completes the trio of main girls in the anime. I hope you all like this and people have been giving me a lot of ideas for whom you want to see Ash TG`d into next.

Edit: Small Text problem. Fixed now.

Ash/Satoshi and Misty/Kasumi belong to Satoshi Taijiri
Jusenkyo Springs belong to Rumiko Takahashi
SoraWolf, Hagane, Bakamaru, and JSKYO-10 Hydro-Cannon belongs to :iconsorawolf7: me.
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this makes PERFECT SENSE TO ME, at least i think i do.... misty is a water type trainer/gym leader, correct? so if he gets blasted by water, it makes PERFECT sense why he is misty
orangeglasses2's avatar
Not quite what you were expecting? But you wanted water!:) (Smile)
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some days i wounder if you had ash while changed into the girl characters runs into the real character as he is. i other words he runs into misty looking like misty
SoraWolf7's avatar
That`s actually a good question.
animamomentlover's avatar
feel like making a continued pages to you short comics just to se how its like?
animamomentlover's avatar
i like that answer, keeps you guessing, but it is said in a very old saying that maybe is just a baby baby word just waiting to say yes
SoraWolf7's avatar
True, very true.
animamomentlover's avatar
really? i mean you really heard that one before?
SoraWolf7's avatar
No, I`m just agreeing with you.
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to the faves it goes
Celestial-Vestal's avatar
imagen if the real misty showed up
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I knew it was Jusenkyo.
IncorrigibleBeatnik's avatar
Quick! get the hot water ash! err....misty!
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I wanna see ash turn into jessie
SoraWolf7's avatar
So do a few other people.
Eirik-the-Viking's avatar
You either do Nurse Joy, Duplica, Officer Jenny, or Jesse from Team Rocket.
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Duplica I forgot to put in my poll. If you want to see one of the others, please vote for it.
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