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Ash to May TF TG

By SoraWolf7
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A continuation of [link] , [link] ,and [link] .The idea came from :icon455510: and I thought it would be a good idea. Ash needs to stop picking random things off the ground.

My passion for drawing has been rekindled and the flame burns bright again! :D Now that I`m inking my drawings before I scan them, it makes the process go so much quicker! More to come, hopefully this week!

Ash/Satoshi and May/Haruka (c) Satoshi Taijiri
SoraWolf, Hagane, Bakamaru, and TG Ribbon (c) :iconsorawolf7:
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© 2009 - 2021 SoraWolf7
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Its a strange world out there Ash.
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gmk: (jumps in) take this jerks (pulls out rainbow cannon) lets see how you like it (fires)
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Heck yeah, Enjoy it while you can ash
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Here it is the 1st pic i saw on dev ^^ i like it but poor ash he is like the character that gets the mosted tg ^^;
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Looks like Team Rocket's trolling you again.
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So exactly how does he recover from these transformations?
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Ash shouldn't pick up random stuff from the ground LOL
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I really not understand
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It`s a TG of the character Ash Ketchum into the character of May.
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oh, the girl in this comic is not may, is ash transformed (XD) in may
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tranformed, XD, he is a tranformed
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sorry, I mean, tranformer, he is a tranformer.
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Don`t you mean Transformer?
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when will ash learn to stop picking stuff up of the ground?

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Really good, it's great!
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