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Ash to Delia TF TG

Well, majority rules. As you wish,Ash gets turned into his mom. Using Pokemon to TG people is not a new concept, trust me. also, a little hypno in there for those who like that, as Ash now thinks he is his mom. and like all my TG`s, it`ll wear of eventually.

On a side note, one evening (roughly three to four hours) seem to be the speed for a good comic like this.

Edit: Small Text Change.
Ash Ketchum/Satoshi, Delia Ketchum/Hanako, and Mr. Mime/Barrierd belong to Satoshi Taijiri
The Background is courtesy of :iconpokemar:
SoraWolf, Hagane, and Bakamaru belong to :iconsorawolf7: me.
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Years later, still one of my favorite Ash TGs.
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make more Ash tgs
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i really would like to see you do a remake of this
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Nothin disturbs me really but for some reason this does
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i remember there was another 1 with a espeon
0012eduardo's avatar
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To the one I made with an Espeon?
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It`s in my gallery...
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never expected that
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realy i never expected a comic where ash is turned into his mother
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:XD: Most people don`t.
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yeah i suppose your right
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Heheheh I wonder what his mom's gonna think.
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so is ash turning into iris next?
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