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Happy Fleur

Isn't she cute?! D= I love her XD
Fleur/Elizabeth/<insert fanon name here> is now my fav BG pony AFTER Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves xD

I hope everypony likes it!
Critiques and such are welcome n.n

Awesome Cutie Mark Vector from: :iconinternationaltck:

MLP is owned by :iconhasbroplz:
MLP:FiM developed for TV by :iconfyre-flye:
Art by me: :iconsorata-daidouji:
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Wow impressive she is muy beautiful I like :squee:

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mind if i use this for a recolor full credit will go to you
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Excuse me, but can I use it for a comic ?

I'll credit you of course.
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can i use this vector for one art i making please?
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Can I make your vectors as a base
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Yeah sure! just link back to know what did you do, I love to see new art n.n
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Happy Fleur is a cute fleur!
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Fleur is best pony!
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happy yay!
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Seeing Fleur happy makes me happy. :)
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Very nice rendition of Fleur de lis! I love it! :3
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Fluer. Even the Pony wiki doesn't know her name.

They say "Fluer, Elizabeth" and others. One of them is: "the mare with many names" XXXD

I like Fluer the most.
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It's 'Fleur', not Fluer.
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HAHAH I know!! I've also seen how they name her "The pony formerly known as:" xD+
But yeah she just go like what... 1 minute or so of posing and 1 line and she is now a super famous BG D=
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I know. The instant I saw her, I was in hysterics, and I KNEW she would get popular. I think Fluer knew it too.

I just loved how frisky she was. It cracked me up. XD

I know she was a model, but me and my friends were making jokes that Rarity caught Fancy Pants in the middle of having a "hoe on the go" XDDD
sorata-daidouji's avatar
HAHAAH I thought the exact same thing! I was like "maybe she's his "escort girl" or something" xD But then I started reading people saying that she may be his daughter or something. I guess only Miss Faust will be able to clarify this :P
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Maybe not, since Lauren isn't really working on the show besides being a creative consultant.
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No But I think she did planned those episodes. She commented about Rarity's absence on "Luna Eclipsed" Episode. She stated that she got cut out. So I guess she MAY know that? If not.... ohh well we'll just stay with that doubt FOOOOOOREEEEEVEEEEEEEEERRRR!! D= xD
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Well maybe she can answer why Spike wasn't invited to Twilight's birthday party. :XD:

(cause Twilight's a jerk to him sometimes. XD )
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i know!! Poor Skipeywikey T_T That's why he almost destroyed Ponyville on last episode D= HA :P
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Fleur: 1 minute of posing = second most popular BG pony
Ditzy: Animation error and 1 line = Cult following and Part of your fanon becoming canon!
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