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The Younger Stark Chapter 34
It turned out the Ross' little visit had been leaked to the press a week later while you were still recovering in the hospital, and you weren't all that surprised that it hadn't helped your case in the slightest. Hell, there were protestors outside Congress wanting your head even moreso now.
What did surprise you was the vast amount of support for amending the Accords. Granted, it was out of pity, but you took what you could get.
It did little to improve your mental state though. Hell, your magic had even gone on the fritz, and so Liz had been pumping drugs into your system just to keep you unconscious. Unfortunately for you, there was no Emma around to keep you from drowning within your broken psyche while you were under, so you woke up with little to no improvement more often than not.
Logan had come by to visit on one of the days where you were conscious enough to hold a conversation towards the end of the week. Hell, he had been the one to make you genuinely smile since before Mich
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The Minds of Heroes Table of Contents
The following chapters that will be published in due time are letters that were anonymously donated to the author in order to attain an inside look into the minds of the three heroes that the Maker has given us in the Dragon Age so far as well as their companions. They were sent to the author for the sole purpose of being published, and any knowledge as to who it is that donated these letters is entirely unknown.
These published works may or may not have permission from the original authors to be disclosed to the public in such a fashion. You have been warned.
Now, without further ado, we present to you:
The Minds of Heroes: The Hero of Ferelden, Champion of Kirkwall, and Inquisitor
Table of Contents:
Part 1: Heroes and Lovers
Chapter 1: The Rulers of Ferelden
Chapter 2: The Champion and the (Former) Slave
Chapter 3: The Inquisitor and the Commander
Part 2: Communicating with Family
Chapter 4: The Brother of the Queen
Chapter 5: The Champion's Sister
Chapter 6: The Champion's Uncle
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For Hanji Zoe Lovers
Both the reader and Hanji are gender neutral in this story.
You took one look outside and sighed. Hanji was at it again with their titan experiments.
"For fuck's sake, __(L/N)__. Get your ass into gear and just get it over with already," one Levi Ackerman told you, which in turn made you jump about a foot in the air.
You see, you were typically the one that kept the peace between him and the ecstatic section commander (Erwin made sure to give you a big enough bonus every year to make sure that you kept doing so, too), and so you had grown close to both throughout the years. As such, you pretty much fell in love with the more insane one out of the two, and so Levi tends to tease you in his own special way about it.
It didn't help that he did so in front of the entire 104th group once (ONCE. Honestly, those kids have too much time on their hands), and so now they were all dead set on getting the two of you together.
And seeing as Levi knew as much about romantic feelings and relat
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The Younger Stark Chapter 33
"You know, Sneak, you've been coming here way too often nowadays. The next time should be in 10 years, at least."
You opened your eyes to find yourself back in Eden, and since your friend wasn't smacking you senseless just yet, you weren't quite dead. Upon realizing such, you groaned and sat up before you asked, "What's going on?"
"You're currently on an operating table with way too many doctors sewing you up at the same time. Oh, and your brother's doing everything he can to stop himself from having a panic attack."
Your eyes widened as your hazy memories came back to you of Tony arriving at Michael's house.
Emma then saw everything else come back as you started crying and muttered, "You died because of me."
"_____, it's not your fault--"
"How could you say that? The bastard used you to get to me. He killed you because you were important to me, Em. How is it not my fault?" you responded as you stood on wobbly legs and attempted to stalk away, only for them to give out on you three ste
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Mature content
The Younger Stark Chapter 32 :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 6 0
Mature content
The Younger Stark Chapter 31 :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 4 0
Mature content
The Younger Stark Chapter 30 :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 4 0
Mature content
The Younger Stark Chapter 29 :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 4 0
The Younger Stark Chapter 28
You'd managed to put up the front of everything being fine once Tony and Pepper came back with the news that you were able to leave the hospital. You could hardly stay in your wheelchair the whole way back to the entrance, and so you nearly scared your poor doctor to death the second that you hopped up and bolted into Tony's car. Tony assured the poor woman that you would stay in bed and rest until it was time to come back and remove your stitches, and once Pepper gave your doctor her word, the three of you made your way back home.
Tony looked at you through the rearview mirror and said, "You really need to stop giving your doctors heart attacks, Bolts. I don't have enough funding for MIT, the Avengers, and all of their medical bills."
You chuckled at that and made yourself comfortable for the ride home as Pepper got into her latest speech about how the two of you need to stop being so reckless.
As soon as you got into the tower, you managed to get away from Tony's mother hen mode in l
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The Younger Stark Chapter 27
You'd found yourself in a familiar place and chuckled when a chirpy voice behind you said, "Don't tell me you finally kicked the can, Sneak. I will punch you if you have."
Turning to face Emma, you chuckled out, "No. I'm just too damn exhausted that I'm close enough. Any idea on who the asshole that shot me was?"
Your best friend snorted as she responded, "Sorry. I can only see so much when I'm checking in on somebody. All I know is that they were too damn close to have missed a sniper shot this badly if they had any training. When the hell was the last time you were here anyway?"
"Six years ago. That was a really shitty mission," you chuckled out. That was when you were still a SHIELD agent. It was one of the few times that you and Natasha weren't very successful in refraining from being injured.
You looked around the bountiful plant life of what Emma liked to call Eden to get your mind off of the reason behind your last visit and said, "I'm starting to think you got the better deal,
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The Younger Stark Chapter 26
So here you were, laying on your stomach as T'Challa's sister Shuri went about removing the bullet from your shoulder while your poor boyfriend sat next to you. Hell, both of you were cracking jokes in an attempt to calm him down because, with your job, you'd been shot more than a few times.
But James had never truly seen you out in the field except for the few times he had been the one attempting to kill you while he was still under HYDRA's control, and that hadn't been all that much to go on. And Steve had begun looking over the files of the psych staff personally to figure out who the hell wanted you dead so badly, so it was the two of you and Shuri.
But James hadn't so much as cracked a grin at your jokes, so you sighed and took his hand with your own and said, "I'm fine, James. I've lived through worse."
He finally looked at you, and you saw just how broken up he was over this as he said, "I heard you get shot, _____. I heard you hit the goddamn ground. And for a moment, I thought
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Letters from the Dead Epilogue: Reader
You sat on top of your gravestone about a week later with a melancholy smile on your face as you looked out over the horizon. Erwin, Mike, and Nanaba were to the right of you over their own gravestones and Farlan and Isabel were on the left. Your old squad was in front of you laughing and joking as they always did. You didn’t even want to try to understand how they were here when they were all eaten, but you were thankful that you weren’t all alone.
“They’re starting to take your advice,” Mike said after a quick sniff, to which you nodded in thanks before he did so again and chuckled, to which you raised an eyebrow as you asked, “What are they up to now?”
“Look and see,” Erwin responded as he nodded over to the group that was making its way over to the cemetery. Not only was it your old squad, but all of the new recruits were walking along with them.
“Big Bro’s leading them over,” Isabel pointed out, to which you f
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Letters from the Dead: Hanji Zoe
Commander Hanji Zoe returned to her office at the end of the day and slid against her door once it had shut. She hated not having you around, no matter how much she put up a strong front for the others. Hell, she ended up cleaning out your office and putting all of your stuff in Levi’s room for him to go through later because the poor man couldn’t do it himself right now.
Hanji saw how guilty you were for keeping it a secret from him too, even if he never seemed to notice. If he had, he pretended not to because you would tell him when you were ready. But that time never came before you died.
She was the first person you came to after your doctor’s appointment. The only reason you made one was because you had thought that you’d gotten pregnant. But no, you’d ended up sick from a rare disease that had been passed down your family. It was the same thing that your grandfather had died from shortly after your aunt was born. The only reason you knew about it was
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The Younger Stark Chapter 25
Nothing could take the grin off of your face when you got back. Not even Clint and Sam's sniggering or having to listen to Ross' voice as you continued your research for a couple of hours could bring you down. Not only did you have an amazing man that loved you as much as you loved him, but you were actually making progress in convincing some UN members change their minds on the Accords.
Everyone else had noticed the slight skip in your step too. Especially your older brother considering how bad it was when you'd told him about you and James the second every single piece of recording software had been shut down for the conversation.
Tony took it how everyone had expected it. He swore like a sailor and destroyed the prototype machine that Ross had ordered him to design, and all you did was sit down by his desk and wait patiently for him to calm down. When you deemed it safe to approach your brother once again, you said, "I don't expect you to be drinking buddies any time soon, Tony. I'd
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Letters from the Dead: Connie Springer
He’d been cleaning the same window for the last twenty minutes, a blank stare on his face the entire time. And so when Hanji accidentally slammed the door against the wall when she entered the room, Connie jumped about three feet in the air and nearly spilled his bucket. She apologized, to which the young man merely set the cleaning supplies aside and responded, “Sorry, Commander. I’ve been slow today.”
“Nobody can blame you for that. We’re all taking _____’s death hard.”
“Are you sure she’s not just on a solo mission?”
Connie caught himself before he could continue and apologized for asking. Hanji gave him a sad smile and patted him on the shoulder as she said, “It’s fine, Connie. Half the time I think she’s coming around the corner of a hallway.”
“I just can’t wrap my head around it. I mean, it took me months to come to terms with my Mom. And just when I do, I have to go through it a
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Letters from the Dead: Sasha Braus
She couldn’t eat. For the first time in her life, Sasha was unable to eat. She just stared at her snack stash. You would have asked what the hell was wrong with her. Your eyebrows would be furrowed the smallest bit in worry and your arms would be crossed. Oh, she’d give up eating all the way if it meant that you would be here as the tough mother figure you were.
Sasha was brought out of her reverie when someone knocked on the door to her room. Sighing, she closed the box and placed it under her bed before she opened the door, only to make a half assed salute upon seeing her commander. Hanji waved it off and asked, “Can I come in?”
“O-Of course,” she responded and made room for Hanji to come in. Sasha licked her lips as the two sat down and asked, “I-I swear I haven’t snuck anything from the kitchens, Commander.”
“You’re not in trouble, Sasha. I just wanted to give you something that ____ left you.”
Her eyes brighte
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