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Forty nude, sweaty and aroused perverts attempted to force themselves upon Kirei and Johannes. 38 remained standing as the catgirl had cleanly poked through the brain of one of them wile the other had his skull mulched like an overripe fruit by the brute might of the death knight. The crowd in the ballroom arena and the audience above in the rafters, balconies and platforms were watching in utter horror as the two fighters were able to dispatch these men and women with such ease, having only required a single motion each to deliver a kill each. The miko still kept her eyes shut, not wanting to witness the gore from the dead violators’ corpses or the dread of the living rapists’ faces, wile the undead brute grimaced at them like a hungry and enraged tiger that was ready to chow down on a foe.

“What…Just… Happened?!” asked a shorter man with an unkempt beard and shaved head as he shivered, holding onto a rusty crowbar as he did.

“Well…I don’t know what the cat-bitch did, but…the pasty just turned Butch’s head into fucking salsa!” answered a shocked lady in her fifties, possessing purple tangled hair and a pair of brass knuckles on her tattooed arms.

Johannes was tempted to just rush into the crowd to rip and tear them apart, but he wanted to wait and see what Kirei had to say, especially now when she was standing still, her eyes still closed as she wiped away the blood from her claws against the cape of the undead soldier. She was breathing calmly despite the turmoil she felt within, knowing she could not let her emotions of fear, disgust and anger get the better of her in such a crucial moment. But even so, the latter of the emotions was steadily growing despite her best efforts to keep it repressed, not wishing to turn feral.

“Those two did not have to die…But they chose to…So please…just turn around and walk away…I won’t pursue you…” she told them, sounding colder than usual even if she was speaking from the heart.

Johannes, hearing this decision of hers to spare these harassers, turned his eyes from the undressed gang and onto her, looking more disbelieving than angry at that point, not sure if what he heard was correct or not. The mob did listen to her, but still stayed their ground in that circle around them, still uncertain as to what to do next. Their deeply disturbed instincts were at great conflict from their immense lust and dread, both telling them to run for their lives as quickly as possibly or to just rush in at them with weapons swinging to have their twisted fun with their would-be victims. The sweaty and scantily clad body of Kirei worked as a great attractor, but their sight of their two dead companions and the livid death knight was just as strong of a repellant, even if they were all used to horrid acts and macabre sights within their servitude in this castle.

“You can’t be serious about sparing them! They tried to gangbang you!” he exclaimed at her, unable to comprehend as to why she was showing mercy to their enemies.

Kirei, still having her eyes closed and heard how none of the foes were moving, kept herself steady and her claws ready just in case there would be another failed sneak attack like last time from any of them. Part of her just wanted to turn the rest of the remaining 38 individuals into piles of deceased flesh, but she knew that succumbing to her anger again was not something she wanted to risk doing, knowing just how dangerous the feral power of the catsuit could be if she ever lost control.

“We have proven they can’t do it… Unless they try again, I won’t stop them from retreating…” the miko stated just as coldly as before, breathing calmly and trying to ignore the wretched stench around her.

A few seconds of murmuring occurred within the terrified pack of attackers, their hot bodies being ready but their minds being far from prepared to handle the consequences. The audience of nobles above began to show their dismay through boos and mocking gestures, having demanded a complete curbstomp of Johannes and Kirei, now being left to wait for their supposed heralds to just debate if they should attack or run. This was a day the thugs had waited for as well for a long time, but it no longer seemed as worth as they thought it would be now when they had to face the facts of who they were fighting.

“If we all just attack from all sides at the same time, we can snap their knees and jaws and fill ‘em up good all day long. I call dibs on the dude, though.” stated a thinner fellow in foggy and stained glasses, scratching his back with a broken chair leg as he did. His idea was met with just as much positivity as with negativity.

“Yeah, let’s just push our biggest ones up front and have them wrestle them down for us all to smash away at!” endorsed a morbidly obese girl with a tenderizer in her hand, heaving as she was thinking about it.

“Hell no! Butch WAS our biggest guy and that shark-toothed psycho just took him out like he was made of playdough! It’s not going to work! And the kitty? She killed Laura before we could even blink!” retorted a fit and toned lady armed with a bloody cricket bat.

“Pa always told me never to shove my dick in crazy! Screw all y’all, I’m outa here!” declared a heavily scarred and tanned man as he tucked tail and ran as fast as he could towards the exit, flinging his dampened 2x4 to the side onto the foot of the obese tenderizer-wielder, nearly breaking it in the process. It did not take long for three others to join him in his attempted escape, only for five more to follow this act, abandoning their positions and weapons as they did.

Mere feet separated them from the exit of this ballroom which would lead them back to their chambers. It was not something they liked but even a burning toilet seemed like a better place to stay in than anywhere near Johannes and Kirei. Yet right as they could see hope of their survival, the barrier around the area suddenly covered the door again, the shattered pieces of the forcefield suddenly reforming with a crackling sound from above. The nine rapists were only able to break their dash as they found themselves trapped, turning around to see the reason for this sudden closure of their only path out.

Lovelash, glaring down on those who were showing fear and doubt, had a fire burning in its’ gem-like eyes, tapping its marble fingers against the throne it was seated upon. The stare was sharp enough to cut through titanium and only grew more intense as the demon lord got up from the throne, the long blonde hair crackling with a dark magic that made it float in chaotic patterns, never staying in the same way for long. Even the muscles of this being could be seen bulging each third second as the aura of power around it grew more intense, as if to show its dominance over this plain of reality. Kirei did not open her eyes despite sensing this and Johannes turned his attention back to the foes before him, cracking his knuckles and stretching his fingers.

“I gave you all an unquestionable order…Beat the two of them…torture them…violate them…Don’t dare to do anything else other than that!” the demon lord’s voice boomed throughout the hall, intimidating the devilish nobles and the servants below, even if the monster was appealing to their eyes.

Before anyone could retort, the demon lord continued, interrupting whatever complaints any of the fearful slaves would have.

“You have three options. Pleasure. Death. Or eternal torment. You know what happened to the last servant of mine who became disobedient. I had him flayed alive, tortured daily and his skin turned into loincloths for my two best warriors. And he is still down there. Alive, but as an ever-suffering mockery of the human anatomy. That will be your fates if you do not attempt to have your way with the priestess and her lover!” Lovelash commanded and threatened with flames coming out of its mouth, fingers tapping faster against the throne as the energy around it grew more intense and electric.

The ultimatum had been issued and put into stone for the servants. There was no longer any sort of skipping around the issue at hand, much to the dismay of many of the more shaken of the slaves. Those who were far too driven by their anger and lust, however, did not care one bit as they moved closer towards the pair, ready to act out on their forceful desires, weapons branded and ready to be used against the outsiders.

Kirei had hoped that she only had to kill one. But it seemed that was not going to be the case as she kept sensing and hearing her surroundings, picking up each individual scent as she prepared herself for mortal combat. Even when reminding herself that these were people who would do far worse things to her than she could ever do to them if given the opportunity, she still found the circumstances they were all in to be one she found little joy in. Johannes, however, did not care about such matters. If anything, he was now given the perfect opportunity to slaughter his way through each one of them without having to think about Kirei getting disappointed, making him unlikely to hold back as evident by how he charged forward towards the crowd with a mighty warcry, baring his sharp and frosty teeth towards the assailants.


With no other possibility presented before them, the gang of 38 charges in as well, their screams being a cacophony of victory and defeat. Some had accepted that they were about to fall wile others still believed they had a chance to batter the two of them and exploit their broken bodies for their own desires and that of the master, even if it meant a couple of them would die in the process. None were running away this time, only ever going towards the location of Johannes and Kirei, mobilizing as quickly as their legs could carry them. For no matter what the death knight or the catgirl could do to them, it would pale in comparison to what Lovelash could do.

A tall and lanky fellow tried crushing the neck of Johannes with a car’s exhaustion pipe, but the blow never had a chance to land before the undead killer rammed his fist straight through this attacker’s chest, destroying the heart and lung before pulling his arm right out from the now deceased mechanic. Not even a second passed until a pale brunette attempted to strike him with a steel chair on the left knee, using the dense outer sides instead of the softer flats. This proved futile thanks to his armor and she paid for her failure with a gruesome end, his right hand wrapping around her windpipe and her jugular veins before tearing it all out in one swoop and forcing the lungs within out of position as if it was all made of papier-mashie. And the man who had attempted to run before all others, hoping he could now be the one to bring down this freak with a well-placed hit to the still functional eye of Johannes. His fear-induced shaking, however, caused him to miss, only hitting the side of his temple with the only effect being that it attracted the attention of the unliving knight who now glared at him like a shark finding blood in the waters.

“H-Hey, man! Let’s ta-“

His attempted at bargaining was cut short as he suddenly felt a mighty constriction in his midsection that just as suddenly turned into a wet ripping sound that robbed him of any breath. Before he could even comprehend what had just happened, both hands of Johannes were wrist deep into his abs, splitting the stomach open with a gruesome tear before whatever intestines within reach were spilled, like an old overflowing plastic sac of trash gushing onto the floor. The shock of the event alone was enough to kill this attacker as he collapsed onto a heap of his own organs.

“Guess you had guts after all!” Johannes said mockingly right before he pulverized the neck of the newest corpse, following this up by punching off the head of another foe who attempted to hit him with an axhandle.

Meanwhile, Kirei did not approach her foes, standing in place as they instead came for her, their eyes having a hard time to stay on target as they found themselves often glaring at either her heavy breasts or her rotund rear along with the rest of her elegant figure. Her eyes were still shut, but her senses still picked up every gruesome detail regarding what her partner was doing to their enemies, being able to hear every single drop of organic fluids spilling and every bone being crumpled beneath his inhuman strength. The horrible smells grew more intense in the area, putting a great strain on her already worried mind. But on the bright side, it did kill off much of the accursed arousal she was feeling previously from the attempted seduction from the incubus, not being able to find much of any sort of sexual gratification from such gory brutality.

“Face down, ass up, ho!” commanded a heavily tattooed and young man as he attempted to swing at the back of her head with a brick while his two similarly looking companions attempted to swing at her liver and her stomach at the same time, using an 8-ball in a sticky sock and a rolling pin respectively.

Giving away their position before he even talked due to his scent, the catgirl had no difficult delivering the necessary blows to stop this attack. Ducking underneath all three of the attacks with a swiftness few could ever hope to reach, she leaped up just as quickly as the three surrounding men had no way of counteracting to her next attack. As she was in the air still, with her right leg, she struck the first attacker’s neck from the side, killing him instantly. Her right hand chopped the temple of the second attacker with such force it shut off the brain wile her left hand once again used those sharp claws to impale the skull of the last member of the trio. With them having even had a chance to even get close to landing a strike on her, they all fell at the same time next to her feet, heads downwards and rears upwards, as she landed with precision to await the next foe.

Quick, calculated, clean and painless. A direct contrast towards the wild, uncontrolled, messy and abominable methods used by Johannes. But even so, it was not completely free from blood as the smaller splatters from the cranial penetrations did stain her hands and her arms red. Then again, she was not painting herself in a vile coat of red, gray and pink like her partner was, her dark fur still being clearly visible along with her lighter skin, making her stand out in the chaos around her.

“Morons! Just go for her joints!” shouted a brawny and dark woman who had a long metal chain wrapped around her fist, taking the lead as she ran towards Kirei together with a quartet of street-savvy men and women wielding heavy ropes an, empty trashcan, a tattered bible and one half of a scrapped rifle.

They too attempted to surround the catgirl from all sides, thinking that numbers alone would be enough to take out this swifter fighter. But even if this squad was quicker on their feet and swings, they were not allowed even a single strike upon her body. Yet again, the miko was nimble and agile, able to bend in ways most humans could never hope to be able to, let alone wile leaping into the air and contorting in ways that assured each strike would miss her as she delivered strikes of her own, all wile delivering lethal blows of her own.

With her long tail, she tightly strangled the hairy burly trashman with the force of an anaconda as she rammed the claws on her left foot straight into the heart of the busty ginger bible thumper, sending them both plummeting before they had even managed to get halfway into their swings. The grizzled soldier’s throat was slit into three deep pieces by a singular slash from the left fingers’ claws of Kirei wile she used her right foot to kick upwards against the chin of her next foe, the lady of chains, causing this Amazonian lady to have her neck crush by the applied whiplash to her spinal cord. The last foe, the shorter and middle-aged bald woman with ropes in her hands, had one final vision before she too met her merciful demise. And that just happened to be her partners falling simultaneously as the miko landed on her feet to deliver a head-spinning roundhouse kick to the rapist’s cheek.

“Accuracy means nothing if you don’t have the means of striking me down.” Kirei stated in her attempts to remain calm despite the horrors around her, still refusing to open her eyes as the death knight was still ripping and tearing through the others who had not come close enough towards her yet.

It was hard to concentrate through all the screaming and yelling that was taking place around her, but even so, she did notice something about herself ever since this battle had begun. And that was the fact that she had grown much faster and stronger than she previously was when fighting Johannes. She knew that cursed ground and the night would make her stronger, but this was to a rather absurd degree, one that made her utterly surpass and dwarf most of her friends and allies back home in terms of power. And she still felt as if she had not even tapped into half of it yet. Her muscles felt denser and more toned to the point where her abs began to show in the form of a subtle 6-pack and her biceps and triceps managing to poke towards the outer layers of her otherwise soft arms. Her claws had nearly doubled in length as her teeth felt sharper inside of her mouth. Her legs and thighs looked more defined like that of a marathon runner, but she had still not reached the point where she was unrecognizable from her previous looks. Even so, it was eerily reminding her of how she looked when she was a breath away from killing the death knight. And the fact that a part of her was enjoying this newfound might more than before troubled her greatly, knowing how getting drunk on enhanced abilities had led so many into despair.

“Focus, Kirei…You can’t let this power grow addictive…You’re a miko, after all…” she mumbled to herself as she began to wipe more drying liquids from her left ankle.

As her palm stroke off the fluids of her opponents, she noticed that something else followed with it. Something that was part of her. A few strands of the fur that made her catsuit. It was only about twenty strands, but it made a pale spot on her feet that exposed some of her skin. This was not something she could explain as to why it happened. Her paws were far too smooth and nonabrasive for it to even pull off the weakest of hairs and she had not been subjected to any sort of friction or pressure on that area. Growing uncertain as to what this could mean, she decided to ignore only keep it in the back of her head, hoping it was not a bad omen for things to come. At best, it was only a small flaw made by Sleepy Jackal. But at worst, it meant the suit was breaking down.

The audience of nobles around them were uncertain if they should jeer or cheer the action taking place. On one hand, they had not seen such entertaining carnage in a long time and it was a treat for them to bear witness to such violence from a safe distance. The torn body parts flying, the dead bodies dropping, the loud screams echoing, the wet organs spilling, and the nostril-pinching stench intensifying made them feel much more alive than when they simply went on to torture slaves or join the orgies of Lovelash. But on the other hand, if Johannes and Kirei were to end up victorious on this day, it would mean that they would not get out of the castle. All of this would then just be a temporary fix for their eternal imprisonment. Nervous complaints filled the balconies and platforms as many were pacing back and forth. Even Lovelash was growing agitated by all of this, wondering if it might have misunderstood the prophecy it had been granted.

“Hmmm…Well, they are being drenched by bodily fluids…Not just the ones I thought of…Perhaps I should wait until the champions come forth before making any judgements. Maybe then the alabaster jelly will come forth…Sweet, creamy alabaster jelly…” the demon lord thought to itself before shuddering in utter delight, trying to resist the urge to pleasure itself then and there, wanting to wait until the undead warrior and the catgirl miko were broken so it would all feel so much better.

There was no stop to Johannes plowing through the gang presented before him. Whatever hit they managed to deliver just bounced off either his heavy bones or his protective armor, countered with them being turned into gushing heaps before him, only given enough time to realize how they would meet their demise before passing away. One after the other, they became subject to different forms of shredding, being unable to stop his plowing through them all. Even trying to weigh him down with a dogpile did nothing but get them closer to his arms and feet that pulped flesh and bone alike. But trying to go after Kirei was not safer in the slightest since she was able to avoid every attempt at wrestling her down or breaking her joints. The only parts of them that had managed to touch her was smaller spurts of blood that drew ruby lines upon her arms, legs, back and front.

Yet even so, more and more tried to go after the catgirl than they did the death knight. Motivated by fear of the pale killer, lust for the marvelous kunoichi or simply a desire for a quicker death, they began to ignore her male partner in favor of her. A double-edged sword since it still did not improve their chances enough of taking her on and that it left their backs turned to Johannes so that he could have an easier time pulling the rapists in half. Kirei had to move faster and react quicker, but she still did not even have to open her eyes, spinning and twirling as she took out foe after foe flawlessly with true strikes, ensuring each life would be claimed with a single merciful blow. She had lost count over the bodies gathering around her and Johannes had not even bothered with the math, both simply knowing not many were left. But despite how futile the efforts of the gang were, they kept attempting to do their master’s bidding, knowing the alternative would be far worse.

Eventually, with most of the ballroom’s ground being slippery with the remains of the enemy, only two foes remained, a young man in his early twenties with a flimsy garden hose and an equally young lady with a splintery kendo stick, both attempting to charge Johannes and Kirei with a desperate yell of anger and want. It came as no surprise to the dismayed audience above when the death knight crushed the entire spine and neck of the lady with a brutal onehanded chokeslam that near forced her eyes out of her sockets upon impact wile the catgirl ducked underneath the hose and delivered a stab that severed the aorta before pushing his bleeding carcass down.

The violators had been crushed. Johannes and Kirei stood victorious as the crowd booed loudly at the top of their lungs, having hoped to see a gangrape take place already.

Lovelash sighed in disappointment, shaking its head and watching how the two were recovering from their complete domination of the enemy force. Johannes fell to his knees with a thud, panting and breathing heavily as he used his drenched cape to wipe himself as much as he could, mostly to remove any larger pieces stuck to him. His sweat worked well to dissolve and lubricate some of the blood on his face and exposed left arm, but it was not going to do much for his armor since there was no other water source around.

“Nobody else? No? Ok, snack-time!” Johannes stated as he rummaged through the abdomen of one of the victims, pulling free a liver before taking a bite out of it. Despite his initial disappointment of the lackluster taste due to the organ belonging to an alcoholic, he continued to eat it, wanting to heal the small cut on his forehead.

Kirei, still not feeling comfortable about opening her eyes, slowly breathed and stepped away from the bodies so that she could reach a dry spot on the ground, right before sitting down on it with crossed legs to help herself meditate. The same dark force she had felt within herself was becoming harder to repress, some of it showing itself in a more permanent manner in the form of longer claws, sharper teeth and toned muscles, but at the very least, she could ensure that it would not grow further than that. But on the other hand, she was growing worried about the fact that she had now lost a few more strands of hair upon her arms, making her wrist more visible than before.

“Push it out…Just remember your teachings…” she repeated in her head despite the constant criticism aimed at her from the audience above.

Lovelash, slowly getting up from the throne, made a small and disingenuous clap that made the nobles hold their breath, all wile looking down on them with an unhappy grimace. The demon lord was not impressed by the performance of its slaves, having expected them to at the very least have broken a single bone from them or two. Kirei paid no attention to this clapping, remaining in her meditation wile Johannes looked up at Lovelash uninterrupted wile eating the liver, hoping this would be the time the lusty devil would come down to face them both.

“Now, now, fellow nobles. Do not think it is over just yet. As the prophecy stated, eight champions must have their go as well. But perhaps we only need my favorite six to do the job.” the demon lord declared with a sly smile, the audience growing more hopeful over this announcement.

“Oh, you giant pussy! 40 asskissers sent at us and you STILL have to send more?! Why don’t you just come down already?!” Johannes roared in disappointment, strips of liver being stuck between his teeth still. His question was ignored as Kirei simply kept meditating, trying to use whatever time she had to collect herself.

With its thong straining yet again from whatever erotic fantasies it was concocting in its head, Lovelash felt sweat drip all over its marble hide, certain that a messy victory was at hand. The eyes glowed and the tongue licked the air for whatever pheromones lingered in the air.

“To see the ugliest of beasts show their dominance over pretty things is without a doubt my favorite fetish. And there are not many things I know of uglier than this hexagon of violation. Before they were banished here, they had ravaged countless demon-slaying ninjas and whatever fools were protected by such weaklings. Together, they have turned many defeated hunters into beautiful rivers of white and red, mostly at the same time. Endless cries of agony have been caused by these six glorious orcs from Japan. After an unfortunate meeting with a cursed artifact, however, they were sent here, to forever be my most valued entertainers.” continued the demon lord with glee, the crowd getting into it as well.

These descriptions were nothing that Kirei wanted to hear. To be encountered by monsters who had a knack for brutalizing people such as herself. If it was true that they had any sort of experience with battling kunoichis, then she would have to be more focused than she was last time, especially since orcs were tougher to take out than humans most of the times, but not as difficult as demons in many cases. Johannes, on the other hand, looked bright-eyed over hearing what he would be encountering, chowing down on the liver as quickly as he could, almost choking on it from how fast he was chewing and swallowing, getting right back up onto his feet!

“Orcs?! I love orcs! Bring ‘em out so I can have them kick your ass together with me!” the death knight exclaimed before getting up to his feet, his excitement having made him forget that he was up against those who forced themselves upon others sexually.

Lovelash was surprised by this sudden lack of rage from the undead berserker, making a pause in the speech. Even Kirei could not help but to take a break in her meditation and open one of her eyes to have a look at Johannes but making sure she would only watch him and not the strewn corpses among the floor. Granted, his gore-caked visage was not a pretty sight to behold, but it was less gruesome than the alternative she could have imprinted onto her memories.

“Umm…ok…I suppose…Here they are! The Rotund Rippers! The Green Gutters! The Big Bloaters! The Orcs of Okinawa!” the demon lord announced to thunderous applause from the other nobles.

Once more, the barrier was cracked before the same door that the slaves had entered through, opening the gate yet again as six bigger figures could be seen marching forward in a slow pace. They looked to be about one and a half times larger than most heavyweights, possessing a smell that Kirei found more revolting than anything else so far. It was comparable to an orgy of filth and a set of perverse and dark chuckles came as the silhouettes in the dark became clearer, sounding saner than the broken and mad ones of the human slaves. Getting up to her feet again, she prepared her claws once more, her eyes still aimed in such a way that it would see as little of the floor as possible.

“J-Johannes? Why are you so excited about this? You know these ones are likely even worse than the last group, yes?” she asked him in a baffled voice, trying to keep her breathing rhythmic wile her ally just kept hoping he could meet the orcs even faster.

“Kirei, please! I can handle this! Yeah, I’ve never met an orc in person, but I know fantasy! Proper orcs only bang other orcs, aliens or not bang at all! All they need is a reminder of why Green Jesus or Gork and Mork are the true masters of greenskins and why the prissy hooker up there is not worth serving! Let me handle this, kitty!” reassured the death knight as he walked closer to the entrance with open arms, even if he could not fully see these Okinawa orcs just yet.

“G…Green Jesus? Gork and what?!” the catgirl asked again louder than before, being at a loss as to whatever he could be talking about, not being aware of the same media that he was.

The silhouettes, almost being visible of Johannes, stopped in their tracks, no longer chuckling or approaching as they got a look at his happy expression, confused as to what he was trying to do. Even the audience and Lovelash were uncertain as to what would happen next, having never seen anyone just act in such a way that would be utterly suicidal for most others. The pack of six moved closer to one another, mumbling something in their gruff and deep whispers, something that Johannes ignored as he cleared his throat, trying to catch their attention.

“Ok, do I speak normally and try and convert them to the cause of Thrall or do I sport that broken British accent to make them see the glory of Gork and Mork? Need to have a better look at them first.”

He was not given a chance to utter a single word however, because the moment he was about to open his mouth, the six figures stepped out into the light, loud cheers erupting from the crowd as Lovelash began to applaud his favored servants as well, all wile motioning for one of the lesser servants to fetch a drink. In an instant, the optimistic smile of Johannes transformed into a disappointed frown. At most he had expected the savages of his favorite fantasy franchise. At worst he had expected large green brutes that hardly differed from most other orcs he would see in other media. But what he witnessed went beyond that in the worst way for him.

“You gotta be kidding me…”

The orcs, looking very identical to one another, presented before him were over 8 feet tall each and possessing a dull green color on their hide, but they also possessed large beer bellies that hung over their groins, hiding most of their overly large genitalia, most of their muscle being hidden underneath their many pockets of fat. Their arms and legs were skinnier than expected despite looking strong and their nails looked very unkempt and dirt yellow from all matters of desecration. Bald heads carried a mouth of jagged teeth and pointy ears, but still had a more human appearance than the death knight had wished for. All six of them looked down at him, wondering why he was giving them such a foul look, approaching him until they stopped a mere five feet from him as his hands lowered to his waist again.

“Why do all the shit orcs come from Japan?” Johannes mumbled for himself, his anger returning once more, this time by his dashed dreams.

“Buddy, you better stop giving me that dirty mug before I pull you apart by the joints!” threatened one of the orcs in the middle with a rumbling voice, saliva dripping down from the sides of his mouth and onto his hanging breasts. Johannes’ expression did not change.

The other five, however, began to look towards Kirei, their bellies rising lightly as their grey eyes glowed red, their dribble cascading at a faster pace as they held their ground and gawked at the catgirl with perverse glares. They could all imagine themselves either taking turns on her, passing her about or just enjoy her together at the same time until she would break, having not seen a lady like her in the longest time. Most of the other people who found themselves banished to this realm and got sent to these orcs usually did not appease their likings to such a degree. The miko, not even needing to sense any sort of emotional energy from this, could by their mannerisms alone tell that they had no good intentions for her. In fact, they were so lost into their focus of her nearly naked form and well-trained body that they almost forgot about the very existence of the undead soldier in front of them.

“The only things you pull apart are Twix-bars, fatty! You think I’m gonna be scared by the Green Giant’s talking hemorrhoids?! Hell, you think SHE’S gonna fear you?! You’re no real orcs! You’re not even hobgoblins!” stated Johannes as he pointed towards Kirei. Though she did not fear them, she still found their mere presence to be revolting to her every sense.

The orc leaned in closer, his eyes burning with fury as his humid breath was felt at the face of the death knight. Only this one seemed to understand the reference he was making and did not appreciate the comparison.

“Don’t you know who I am, pasty?! Do you know the amount of ninja’s I’ve ra-“

“You’re the ugly fuck who keeps ruining my hentai, that’s who you are! Here’s my one-star review, motherfucker!” he interrupted just as suddenly as the green one spoke, cocking his right fist back before striking with a devastating strike across the side of the temple, fueled by his spite towards his foes and his many lonely nights on the web ruined by unappealing pornography.

The parietal bone of this orc buckled underneath the immense weight and pressure applied to it, eventually giving in with a dent and a crack in the shape of the undead brute’s fist, right before falling with a heavy thud, his head nearly bouncing off the feet of his partner right next to him. The green savages had seen their companions back home get killed by demon slayers of greater strength, but never by one who could do such things with their bare hands alone, forcing them to recoil two steps. They had no intentions of escaping, knowing that would be possible as the barrier closed behind them right away, but they were now a lot less eager to keep fighting, especially now when they saw how the one on the ground was violently twitching and spasming from the instant brain trauma, gibbering and foaming uncontrollably as a pool of blood and spit formed underneath the skull. It did not last much longer as Johannes stomped on the neck of this suffering opponent, however, snapping it with very little struggle as his eyes turned towards the other five. Making matters worse was his implications that the catgirl was somehow more dangerous than he was.

The crowd were dismayed by the loss of one of their favorite entertainers. Lovelash’s bottom lip quivered as if the demon lord was on the verge of crying, knowing it had lost something irreplaceable. Beings like these greenskins were near impossible to come by in the wastelands outside of the castle.

“Who else wants to get rated?” the undead man claimed, holding his hands extended from his sides, as if daring the others to land a blow on him in return and test their might against his own. None looked too eager to call the first try as three of them moved to the left, building some distance.

“You know what? You two take his two holes and the three of us take her three holes!” said the leftmost greenskin sheepishly as the two of them carefully walked away from the death knight.

Johannes was not going to let them lay a hand on her, as evident by how he took a step towards the parting trio’s approach towards the miko. His blind eye reddened further as his teeth clenched, looking like a crocodile about to spring from his murky waterhole. The orc closest to him could already see his life flashing before his eyes as his jaws opened, though there was not much of it outside of screwing and killing those he found pretty. But the jaws did not snap shut around his bones, nor did they tear off flesh. Instead, they stopped over a single call. One belonging to Kirei herself.

“Johannes, stop! I appreciate that you want to help…But you shouldn’t take it all on your own. It’s not right. Let those three try and come at me. I know I can handle it.” she stated in a voice that sound as much as a cold demand as it did a polite plea, much to everyone’s surprise.

Normally, Johannes would not be talked down so easily, especially not when he wanted to amputate someone. But Kirei, being one of a kind in his eyes, was one he was willing to at least humor, even if it was more for her sake than his own. He did not like it at first as his furious glare on the sweaty orc remained, but as he gave it more thought, it slowly turned into a sadistic smile, as if he knew the fat one was in for a horrible time. Without a word, he turned back to his remaining to, extending his arms again as he allowed the surprised trio passage.

The orcs chuckled darkly to one another as the three approached the miko further, their hormone-riddled minds thinking that she had succumbed to her carnal desires and craved green poles within her, despite the face she wore being one of concentration and determination, her claws clearly ready to strike at any moment. With them knowing, she was trying to get a good look at their anatomy, wondering where she could strike such flabby and large bodies in a way that it would kill them instantly. Despite them being sadists who loved to make others suffer, she was not going to repay them with the same evil, hoping to go for a more merciful kill.

As the trio attempted to circle her, observing every inch of her, the duo ahead of the undead killer just kept watching him, wondering what exactly they should try to do against him. They were not willing to try putting any appendage of theirs between his teeth, nor were they even sure they had any way of harming him, knowing he could end them with one well-placed blow, even if they were far tougher than any of the slaves sent before their arrival. Their hearts were racing with uncertainty as they looked back and forth between each other and him, noticing he still did not pick up a weapon or attempt any magic.

“Come on! Hit me as hard as you can! If you’re a proper orc, it should at least rattle my head a bit!” the pale one boasted, his one good eye almost twitching at the two foes before him while his toothy grin remained.

Out of pure panic and survival instincts, the one standing to the right of him delivered such a blow through a compulsive desire to just end this foe, giving Johannes a great right hook to his cheek as hard as he could. The smaller knight took a step back as his body was forced to bend and lurch in the direction of the fist for a second, nearly knocking him off balance. But it did not trip him, nor did it stagger him more than just one step. Yet again, Johannes was let down by this lack of strength.

“At least you hit harder than the juice-head.” Flatly stated Johannes before he lunged forward with his right fist again, this time aiming straight for the chest of the orc.

The ribcage of the beast collapsed as the sharp shards found themselves ejected halfway into the heart, enough to cause this foe to wobble and bleed out from within, flopping with a thud as the pulse stopped. Another orc was dead. The crowd grew more agitated along with Lovelash who was grinding its pristine teeth together keenly, regretting sending forth the favorite servants of the castle against such a brute.

The last orc, knowing it was up to him, only had once chance to defeat Johannes now when he stood alone, his partners being busy standing around Kirei, observing her and thinking about how they should take advantage of her. The one weakspot that Johannes seemed to have that he could exploit against him was his still functioning eye, knowing he had to blind him somehow and get him in a hold afterwards. But he was not fast enough to poke it or gouge it, so an alternative method was required of him. And that just happened to be through spitting.

The orc tried to get slime out of his throat and into his mouth to have something to use for this act. But Johannes, not taking any of this, grabbed hold of this greenskin’s head from both sides, yanking it down with an immense force as his knee shot up against that jaw to make the coming impact so much worse than what it could have been. With the armor connecting to the mouth, teeth were forced down the gullet of the orc as the lower jaw was almost entirely compressed into the throat, turned from a singular bone and into a ghoulish matrix of shards and veins. The only blessing about this demise was that the initial impact made the pain go away as his brain simply shut off, leaving Johannes standing over the green carcasses, disappointed in how easily supposed orcs went down in a fight.

Meanwhile, the still alive trio, disregarding the fate of their allies in favor of Kirei’s appearance, were just an arm’s length away from her, tempted to reach onto her thick breasts or her protruding rear, finding it to be a good place to hold onto in both combat and pleasure. But they did not do so right away, sniffing the air around her with their pointed noses, picking up traces of something that delighted them greatly. Through this, Kirei just tried to observe their obese forms, taking note of whatever spots she could strike to finish them within a second. Knowing how even Johannes hand could not penetrate their bones all the way through as with the humans, she realized she had to aim for the organs and muscle mass to slay them, but that would be difficult with all the fat they were packing, even with her longer claws.

“Smell that, guys? She likes this…She wants it…Just like the last ones back home.” Claimed the one standing in front of her wile the one behind her observed her long tail, wondering how it could be used.

“That’s how they always are…keep screaming “no” until their lungs bleed, but they still give in at the end…Something always break each time.” the one standing to her side stated thinking back at their countless forceful orgies that took place in front of a similar audience.

“How long will this one last? Ten minutes? Eight? Maybe twelve? How many kids will she give us? I bet she can’t handle the first birth.” asked the one from behind, watching over Kirei’s motionless stance as her stare grew more intense.

Something was roiling within her again and she struggled to keep it contained. Whatever concoction of bodily fluids they had drenched themselves in and the manner they kept speaking to her in caused her concentration to lapse and her anger to rise. Disgust and arousal brewed within her, straining her resistance and her calm as she found it more tempting to just swipe away at them, especially since they left themselves so open to her, not taking on any sort of defensive stance and keeping their legs far too wide. That addictive force that gained her such power was calling to her, begging to be used again despite her knowing the dangers of doing so. She deduced it had to be because of how the catgirl suit was affected during both nights and cursed grounds, knowing she would normally never need such a vast amount of deadly capabilities to take out foes such as these. Her breathing increased, and her skin began to sweat further, causing the orcs around her to laugh slightly, thinking their theory about her was right.

“See? Told ya.” The orc from behind claimed as his palm raised high, ready to give her a hard and firm spank on her rear.

“We’re gonna have some serious fun with you, kitty…And when we get out of here as Lovelash promised, we’re gonna take turns with your buddies back ho-“

The one to the side of her had his voice cut short by the sound of something swift plunging deeply into his layer of lard, punching a hole inside of his intestines and muscles. The blow was not instantly fatal, but the pain he felt right after would have been enough to shut off his brain then and there as his spleen was furiously plucked out of him along with far too much blood at once. Before he could even let his belly hit the floor, however, the one behind found his ribcage and stomach split in two in the blink of an eye, opening his entire upper body like a fish hallway through of filleting. A fetid spray of blood painted Kirei’s back red before she felt orc intestines poking her ankles, taking a single step to the side as the one behind her fell forward, trying to scream but was unable to do so as he was at death’s door. The one at the front recoiled when he got to see the miko having taken on a changed appearance.

“Mention my friends…One more time…” said Kirei coldly as the spleen in her hand was mulched by her squeezing paw, taking a step closer to the last orc in the ballroom. The growl of a large feline could be heard behind the words she spoke to anyone nearby.

Her eyes had turned amber again and her canines had grown large enough to poke out of her mouth and sharp enough to nearly cut her lips. Spots and stripes a few shades darker than her own skin could be spotted all over her as her own hair had grown longer. The suit had lost hair by the knees and elbows and her muscle mass had expanded to such a degree that she looked less like a kunoichi and more like a lighter Olympic wrestler, being toned enough for her to almost pass as a smaller amazon. Her claws had taken on a shade of crimson as they gleamed with a razors edge, all while the drenched fur on her back was standing up. Her chest moved up and down with each deep breath she was taking, being more driven by an unexpected onset of wrath than any sort of tactical desire to end the battle in the process. The threat made towards her friends clearly set off what little resistance she still had in that moment, falling deeper into her bestial side as a result. Part of her was still urging herself to regain control, but it was unlikely that it would happen until after she had slain the last of the orcs with her bare hands.

The greenskin, desperate and out of his element, lobbed knuckles as hard as he possibly could against the catgirl, but she easily dodged the strike as both of her hands moved to the side of his head, claws going in first as they pierced the brain right through the ears, forehead, temple and eyes, pushing through the dense cranium with a penetrative force she never knew she possessed until now. The blubbery foe made a series of spastic and rattling motions, the nerves sending out a series of dying and shocked signals to each limb before she pulled out and allowed him to collapse like the others.

Johannes, having just killed his own set of enemies, watched this take place a safe distance away, unsure if he found her more attractive or intimidating when she was under the feral influence of the suit. Of course, he would never admit to feeling fear of anything, even if she was becoming among the few beings that could trigger a long-forgotten survival instinct from him. He wanted to think of something to say, but decided against it, just in case she would get the idea of scrambling his brain next, knowing that he could not beat her in a fight, especially now when she was much stronger than before they got transported to the castle of Lovelash.

“So this is what scaroused is…” he stated for himself wile continuing to observe his partner.

Kirei, trying to calm herself down with little success, noticed that the heaps of bodies around her disturbed her far less than before, no longer forcing her to look away from it all as her predatory glare turned upwards towards the demon lord on the throne. Though her new form was reversed a bit as she wrestled back more control from within, much of it still remained, giving her a more hardened heart that kept most of her shy nature locked away. The crowd showed their dismay loudly yet again, some of them even openly crying upon shoulders over the loss of the favorite champions. Lovelash itself was visibly shaking with anger and sorrow, gripping the throne and biting its lower lip hard enough to leave a mark. The sparks from the long blonde hair began to resemble that of a misshapen tesla coil as the aura around it grew wider and borderline palpable to those in the upper balconies.

“Those were priceless to me…There’s no replacing them…I hope you two are happy!” hissed Lovelash through clenched teeth and enraged huffs.

Johannes, moving closer to his temporary ally, was about to say something, but suddenly had the crushed spleen of the orc shoved into his mouth by the catgirl. He was not sure if he should see this as an insult or a treat, but he ate it none the less.

“No, Lovelash…we’re not happy…Johannes was denied proper orcs and you tried to get my loved ones involved. He has requested this several times already and now I want the same thing. Come down. No more slaves. No more gladiators. Just you. Enough people have suffered. If you’re going to attempt to violate us, at least do your own dirty work!” answered Kirei flatly and coldly, her nails not shrinking as she was eager to use them.

“What she said!” added Johannes with some uncertainty after swallowing the organ granted to him, not that the kunoichi particularly cared. Her new attitude was worrying him, but he did not want to say it, let alone when they were before a crowd.

Lovelash did not answer their claim as the demon lord without hesitation opened the same large door behind Johannes and Kirei again, its body shaking even more from the fury as the barrier opened to allow a yet unseen threat into the ballroom, one that it hoped would avenge the loss of the orcs. The catgirl growled, infuriated by the demon’s refusal to comply as Johannes just rolled his eyes, having expected the devil to be too cowardly to carry out its own battles. The two of them turned around as they heard two sets of footsteps approach from the dark hallway, causing the ground to shake each time with the same force of a full fridge falling from a roof. The audience, at least the part that was not shedding tears, looked towards this hallway as the miko could sense something very mighty head their way, something far worse than anything else they have faced in this realm.

“The only thing I despise more than these animals are you and your partner, Kirei…They are dumb, brutish, uncreative and only good at torture and killing driven by primitive instinct. No finesse and no intellect. And even when they ravage someone, they always shatter them too quickly for me to get off to it. However, even morons can be entertaining when allowed to ruin something astonishing…or someone. And their strength is undeniable. They are my personal executioners. My most feared executioners. My most dreaded beasts.” The demon lord announced flatly in its anger, not being keen about whoever it was calling for despite the thunderous applause from the nobles who thought their vengeance was at hand.

The beings grew more and more visible as they moved closer to the light as both Johannes and Kirei readied themselves for a tough fight. So far, all they could see was two large humanoid shapes standing over ten feet tall and possessing wild messy hair on their heads and far more swollen and muscular forms than the greenskins. The death knight saw himself as invincible as ever against these foes, but Kirei, even when being driven more and more by aggression and less by tactics and foresight, was still able to tell that these here would be completely different fiends. The putrid smell alone was a sign that the two enemies had far worse crimes under their belts than the orcs had.

“Ladies and gentlemen…Give it up for The Flayer Brothers!”
Part 6:…
Part 4:…

And so, the action really kicks off and gets crazier and nastier for the death knight and the miko as hordes of foes are sent upon them, intent on putting them through all sorts of attrocities and horrors. But unlucky for the enemies, the odds are against them since these are no ordinary combatants they are up against.

And wow. Never knew this story would stretch itself all the way into November. Then again, I do tend to write more than I had initially expected for whatever reason. Maybe there will be two or three parts after this one, I don't know.

Well, guess it's only time to write something sweet for October, huh? And I got something that might partially suit for this Halloween season. It might not involve trick or treating, but it does involve costumes. Magical ones at that. And fine ones. And monsters.

The following story features the sweet OC of :iconninja-8004:, Kirei, from his upcoming webcomic Shattered. After having seen her depicted a couple of times dressed up as the best catgirl to have ever graced video games, Felicia from Darkstalkers, I decided I should write something based around that for the sake of fun, fanservice and action as things as sure to escalate from here as she gets unwanted attention from evil sources. How will she handle it? Read more and find out.

Kirei belongs to :iconninja-8004:
Johannes belongs to: :iconsorantheman:

Visual references:
Kirei Katayama from Shattered:…
Kirei in her catgirl suit:…
Johannes Svartsvard:…

Please be so kind and offer me your feedback to the story. What did you like? What could use improvement? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)
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