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So yeah back from a short summer break and thought Id start posting all the stuff from July/August... As you can imagine this was done right after Shiva, when I was playing FFX
I just had to draw Lulu, there is a surprisingly small amount of fan art out there (maybe because the game is over 10 years old now)

I tried a smoother/cleaner kind of coloring for this and I think it turned out pretty good
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Would it be okay if I made a couple variations of this fine piece?

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This is great! Lulu is a great character, I love this fanart!
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That is awesome!
FFX has also been one of my favorites in the series, good times back then...
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I love her so much
awesome work
thank you for that
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Lovely lighting on a lovely character! Fav'd
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Lulu. Always intrigued me. Wise and mysterious. Very nice!
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Best lulu art i've seen
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wow *-* ... fav
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Really pretty!!
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Oh, she's wonderful!
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gorgeous. Very well done :)
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Her nose looks bad but everything else looks good
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one of my favourite final fantasy x's character drawing by one of my favourite drawer *0* so amazing !
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Oh! Saw this on facebook.  I was wondering who the artist was
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You saw this on facebook without a link to my DA? Who posted that?
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Your profile link appears to be on the post.  Should be no problems now
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I'll try to find it for you
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Great job ! :)
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Most beautiful Lulu Ive seen yetLa la la la Love Heart +fav
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