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I draw female characters with a sensual/intimate/elegant vibe. Lots of commissioned Final Fantasy XIV stuff.

Commissions are usually closed but if you want to support me in other ways you can check out the Patreon for the latest art in original size and png format, or Gumroad for art packs of older stuff.

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Too many to list, but mainly Jrpgs and Metroidvanias
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Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop

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Just discovered your profile and I love your style. Hoping you are available fir commissions as I'd love to have my FF14 character drawn and featured in your gallery.

I still have a few commissions I need to get through before I start taking more but send me a note anyway and we can discuss it there

I've been following and enjoying your art for many years now. Among all the many artists I've followed your one of the few that so profoundly stand out to me in a special and truly wonderful way. You do such a consistent and extraordinary job of balancing sensual, alluring beauty with tasteful, artful, elegance and class all blended with a extra fun bit of fantasy n' whimsy in a colorful, unique and personal style.

Thank you. truly. For sharing your quality art, the good things it emanates and the years of enjoyment it has nurtured.

- T

Im terrible with compliments but this is a really nice message and I appreciate it. Considering there are literally millions of artists out there, its very flattering to know people feel that way about my art in particular, and that it stands out so much from the crowd.

Im very picky with certain things which is what leads to my style focusing so much on things like mood, softness and elegance. I wish more people would appreciate it, because I cant stand all the trashy/vulgar stuff I see on the internet all the time, and sadly thats what gets the most views.

But as long as people keep supporting me, Ill keep doing what I do. Cant see myself doing anything else anyway.

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Yes, As you alluded to there is unfortunately no shortage of vulgar things, vulgar art and the all too numerous vulgar people who consume it... BUT in contrast that just makes you and your art all the more precious, being a light in the dark of it all that shows beautiful "mood, softness and elegance" in art and in life still have a precious place and purpose even in our otherwise all to often nasty world. For those us of who do appreciate such things, however few we may be. perhaps now more than ever. Thank you. truly.

You know... one of the most wonderful parts of your message is that every word you said about your focus on "mood, softness and elegance" is apparent in your art before you even said it. The honesty in your principles emanates from your work. That honesty is something new i get to appreciate that i would have never know had we not had this little chat. thank you for that too. I'll always remember it.

Its also been so fun to see your art evolve, your skills bloom over the years while still staying so true to all those principles.

You succeed, beautifully.


Take Tenderness, Sensuality, Natural Beauty, add a touch of innocence, wildness, and desire. Accept this romantic elixir and feel the true freedom of emotions, the perfection of the image, and the euphoria of eternity.



I love your art, but I personally appreciate the diversity in the breasts.