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Penstemon aka Beardtongue by SoraHikari101 Penstemon aka Beardtongue :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 1 0 A random pic of Callie by SoraHikari101 A random pic of Callie :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 2 0 My Books! D: by SoraHikari101 My Books! D: :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 5 0 Callie by SoraHikari101 Callie :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 2 0 Spooning Gentleman by SoraHikari101 Spooning Gentleman :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 4 0
I'm Still Standing
*They needed more men. They all knew they did. Most of the M Brigade was gone though. Spread throughout worlds that were in completely different dimensions and with no answers as to how the letters were sent to them. No form of contacting them. They couldn’t rely on Roxas, Reborn or Asch either, since all three had no experience in this world. There was no way they’d be asking the “leading” man or his partner for help either. They knew they had no idea how this world or it’s natural laws worked nor did they feel like giving them the proper initiation to survive. Not when they would be sent home the minute they found a way to do so. Sadly it would have to wait while all the chaos died down or they were needed above ground. Plus being underground was the only safe place they could talk without anyone really knowing where they were at or even located. This lead to one other issue. Food and water and since two were still human and slowly reverting back to h
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Escape Plan
The two had finally reached the room where they all seemed to be staying of late. Either of paranoia or concern. It still made it more simple to find them. It was also a big enough room to house all four soldiers and their companions. Perfect for him to finally get more information and not just from one source. They entered and he shut and locked the door. Unlike the invading force, he knew to be smart and make sure no one could take them by surprise. He wanted to talk but two were still asleep. The big blond  and the redhead. The only two awake were the brunet’s. These two could at least answer his current questions. The lighter brunet didn’t have any companions around anymore. He assumed they were asked to leave this world. It would make sense if he could leave with Fran. They were stuck, he had to accept it.
He shook off his distractions and walked over to the window these two stood at. Arms crossed once he had their attention as well as the blond near the darker ha
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Updated picture of my tail. by SoraHikari101 Updated picture of my tail. :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 1 13
The Plot thickens
Fran and Balthier found themselves wandering the castle once more. Thinking on what they had gathered from many of the humes and vampires from within. There was a war going on but not just between two sides but many. Vampires, Werewolves, Humes and the undead all fighting to lay claim this world as their own. Doing anything in their power to make it happen. Whether it be sabotage or saving lives.
The humes of this earth that were saved from the army they had told the two that they didn’t have the best chances. Their army was too few and full of cowards. Men who would go to the battlefields but then flee. Like dogs with their tails between their legs and claiming to have no chance against the mass hordes that plagued the desert between towns and cities.
The werewolves were intriguing to him. Humes that became dogs that could walk on two legs but only during a full moon with no mind to tell friend from foe. It sounded like a great battle tactic and he was told they had great power
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'nother song script
*Steven looks at the Sora, Cloud, Luke and Tsuna as they sat at the bar this time. All four partaking in their own calming habits. Cloud had a drink of bourbon alongside with Luke who had a mix of bourbon and Vodka. How that tasted good to him was a mystery he would never ask since both he and Cloud were vampires so taste probably was never an issue. The other vampire, Tsuna was drinking apple cider mixed with a drop of wine. It wasn’t bad but he had a couple already so he should be feeling it affecting him soon. Sora was the only sober one if he could count smoking pot. Then again, he was the only immortal human here currently.
It was nice to one of the four not wasted and just completely relaxed thanks to a less harmful habit. Their companions were all asleep in a safe room that he had built under the bar. It was sound proof so no one could hear them but sadly they could never hear if anyone would be up here. He then got an idea. They often just...randomly sang for no real r
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Short Song Script
*The bar is quiet. Steven has to break the tension before a fight ensues. After a long, grueling walk here, no one was in any condition to fight. He then smiles. Only one idea came to mind to mind. Clearing his throat, he got everyone’s attention.*
Steven: *eyeing the main four that had his current concerns and ignoring Roxas, Asch and Reborn.* You don’t look like you belong here. Did you pinch yourself to see, if you’d wake up from a nightmare or could you still be asleep?
Tsuna: *aware of Reborn eyeing his every move, he ignores him and sings the next line anyways* I tell myself it’s all a dream and monsters are not what they seem.
Steven: You took a fall into the maw where hunger’s always peaking. All we got for cargo are the meats for feasting. *he pulls a knife out to use for a prop later in the song.* Lot’s of chomping jaws and rotten teeth for eating. Button up your coat, this submarine is leaking.
Cloud: *he sta
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Frosh by SoraHikari101 Frosh :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 6 5 Under a blanket by SoraHikari101 Under a blanket :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 6 0 I've no idea what she is doing by SoraHikari101 I've no idea what she is doing :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 3 0 The Latest Matriarch by SoraHikari101 The Latest Matriarch :iconsorahikari101:SoraHikari101 5 0


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Wow, two years since my last journal entry. :/ Sadly, things haven't really changed BUT I have a job as a caretaker SO I still write but more often around the...very early morning like...12:00am or at least, right now I do. Anyways, I'll still post stuff here but I am gonna go back and re write some stories I know I can improve (I hope) and delete old stories that just...honestly are stupid ideas that really shouldn't exist. So yeah...

Bye :wave:


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