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::Insomniac Stamp::

By Sora05
Since I use dA stamps, I thought I'd make a few :shrug:

-Adobe Photoshop CS2

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© 2006 - 2021 Sora05
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Oof every night since I was 4
cryinglittlecanine's avatar
I highly doubt anyone here sincerely suffers from this...
AlbinoFlowers's avatar
false, my friend :3
cryinglittlecanine's avatar
The fact you seem so happy about it makes me feel you are lying as well. Did you get diagnosed by a professional?
AlbinoFlowers's avatar
Yep! A doctor/therapist that I talked to in the ER, and around... 5 therapists? Like 1 around two years ago and 4 within this year(cuz my therapists and I might of have difficulties like appointments with times I couldn't work with or something) and some doctor at WBI, one of the mental institutes in my state. The reason I act nice and as you call it, "happy", is because little do most people know, those who have been struggling for a long time tend to actually be very kind and uplifting towards others. Me and a few of my friends have insomnia, clinical depression, Generalized/Social Anxiety, ADHD, et cetera, so we all act as support for ech other and anyone else we see struggling. Ha, but I don't blame you for thinking I was lying. If I wasn't the way I am, I probably wouldn't believe me either
cryinglittlecanine's avatar
It's not that you're generally kind. It's that you seemed happy about your insomnia that made me doubt
AlbinoFlowers's avatar
S h r u g I've learned to overcome and take advantage of it, so I take pride and joy in the fact that I was able to do so.
cryinglittlecanine's avatar
As long as you were diagnosed by a professional, you do you :nod:
AlbinoFlowers's avatar
Michelesthird's avatar
can't sleep now without pills
HalloRedBoots's avatar
Can only sleep when you got 5 mg of melatonin in you. 
dawnpainterz's avatar
As a sufferer of Insomnia I have this to say: Kindly find a ditch and roll in it. : ) 
I do not need a white knight or a professionally offended tit 'defending my honor'. Thanks~
sshattereduniverse's avatar
and no, I'm not offended by the stamp, I was simply giving information regarding why this stamp might be offensive to some people. 
also, please understand that you are getting offended over someone trying to help you. If you claim you don't need or want it, that's good for you, but some other people might so maybe try to think about other people rather than just yourself all the time?
regardless, have a nice day.
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