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Born into the wrong...

:< I should have been born in 1890, not 1990. Way to go, fate, you were off by a hundred years.
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you're so right! I feel the same way :(
I love that period. though I wouldn't mind going back even a 100 years more. I have a thing for the Napoleonic era AND you wouldn't need to go through the 21st century wars. but you would miss the artistic movements of the '20 and '30... dillemma!
and books in that period are the best books ever written.... the possibility of meeting Flaubert or Oscar Wilde! how cool is that?

anyway... great stamp! if I decide to put stamps in my journal or on my shoutboard, it will be the first one up!
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Yeah. 1790 was for me. Even 1890 would be better, tho living through two world wars would destroy my life a little I guess... >>
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well, you could always die before the wars :3 you could be born in the early 1800s, then die before the wars of old age or sickness.
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Great XD But I think the wars would give me more inspiration to my life. As they have gived to those artists who lived through them. I secretly dream of that.
But today's wars are so much different and too quick >: ohwell.
It's a great stamp you've made. I'm glad to have it in my shoutboard. ^^
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thank you 8D I appreciate it...and you know, I don't really think modern wars even count... it's more like a massive country taking a dump on a tiny spit of land and saying they're evil.
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Yeah true D:
And np :3
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I dress a lot like I'm in the 80s xD;
I should have been born when they had legwarmers and lots of plaid and converse and other stuff. xD:
I feel your pain. I would have like to have been born in the 1890's.

I would love to be confined in a corset and then released by Coco Chanel's awesome.
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you probably were born then, haven't you herd you come back to earth. ;w;

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Bite you?

Hmm.. "Back then women were allowed to be chubby"

I can't recall any recent laws that outlaw obesity, but since you seem to think there is, you're probably locked up in a federal prison, therefore out of biting range.
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Well thank God we live in the 21st century and the advent of computers and the internet has allowed me to be informed that you think I'm a dick.
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An articulate dick. Still a dick.
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But can you atleast admit that if the internet, cars, planes, Advil, Tylenol, bluejeans, ipods, Foo Fighters, coinstar, Wendy's french fries, central air conditioning, shampoo, imported foreign DVD's, wall to wall carpeting, thongs, sunscreen, and everything else in your short little life that you take for granted because you've never NOT had them were all of the sudden taken away, you would miss them?
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Of course I'd miss them. well, minus Wendy's, I've never tried it. Internet is incredibly over rated- I prefer snail-mail, my addiction to internet nearly destroyed my education. Planes are handy, I'll admit, but I get horribly airsick- I'd rather travel by boat, or train- a little bit rustic, with a nice view. Advil? Tylenol? What do you think I am, emo? I'm allergic to most painkillers, so that's a miss- ugly red rashes really suck. I don't wear jeans, I wear slacks or skirts 8D with suspenders <333 I don't have an iPod and I don't like Foo Fighters- in fact, I dislike most modern music, I think it's atrocious. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I prefer Opera and Ballet to rock concerts- might just be my upbringing, but hey, what can I say. I don't know what coinstar is, either, and I'm still alive-don't have air conditioning, either. We crack a window or sweat it out, we're poor. Shampoo, I would miss, yes-though, if I shampoo or wash my hair, my curls will fall out, so I don't use it anyway- did you know hair is self cleaning, if you leave it long enough? That's why people with dreadlocks don't have oil dripping from the tips. Takes about two or three weeks, trufax. I don't really watch movies, either, not since Pixar started to destroy anything worth watching- my taste in movies doesn't age past 1989, I could live without them. Besides, a book is more entertaining, stimulates the imagination. We don't have carpet, we've got wooden floors- which I prefer, actually. I'm WAY too big and scary to wear a thong, and seeing them yanked up and over the lip of a pair of jeans on some skank makes me ill. And I honestly don't go out enough to need sunscreen 8D

And ontop of all that, if I were in the 1800s, I wouldn't know any of those things existed. Can you miss something you didn't know about?

And I do apologize for the wall of text format- I just reply in like.
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Omg! i feel the same way! There was a programme called lost in Austen (as in jane austen) it was amazing! This girl escaped from her life by re-reading the book pride and prejudice and anyway she ended up in the book and getting together with Mr Darcy - i was so jealous i just wish that could happen to me! *sigh* It was so romantic back then :flirty:
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;w; that sounds so awesome...
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Hehehe. xD I'm no good at making banners.

Maybe when I finally get photoshop. -shrug-
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Oh god I agree whole heartedly....though I think back then my ancestors on one side were Romanian gypies and on the other were Aboriginal. owo That may have been earlier though and that was only half my heritage, I can't remember the other half....But I love all the clothing they had back then, and the music, and the Art Noveau style. I'm not a big fan of the Impressionist art style really, and my teacher thought it was odd I sounded so bored when I had to do a voice over for a presentation on the German expressionists.
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And I shoulda been a teenager in the 1980s T.T
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If you go 1890's can I come with you DX? I dont feel like I shoud have been born 1991
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This is so true for me. I wish i had a sub. This would so go on my journal. *sigh* I suppose I'll just have to give you a fave and get on with my life. :D
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