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BC Girl Code


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WWE Rollins and Ambrose RAW Tag Team Champions


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Old-Paper-Look Tutorial

Tutorials n helpful stuff

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Palomino 5

Horse Stocks n Refs n photos

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Valley Entrance

BG Stocks n Refs n photos

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Armour Pack 1

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Floral Fabric Patterns

Misc Stocks

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The immensity of freedom


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Free Cob Horse Base

Linearts greyscales

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DKS' Romantic Intentions

Character Sheets

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Pretty Pairs

Breedings with EMS horses

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Colt - Cal x Elza

Prizes, Foals

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BC Girl Code

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Chapter 2 Mandatory

Art with my characters

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Knite: Chapter 5


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Supernatural Problem ...


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abstract haflinger

Horse Photography

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The Plain's Horse Breed sheet


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Tranquility Brushes


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Stay Gold, Ponyboy!

The Boondock Saints

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Food for Thought

The Walking Dead

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Fisheye Placebo: Ch 0 - Hello World

Fisheye Placebo

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Gestatten, Aerys

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The Conversations I have...

Quelux: Mj Quelux: Y u no sleep Evello: Because I stupid Quelux: Lol silly mj Quelux: Sleep is for humans Evello: Exactly Evello: I ONLY SLEEP WHEN THE HIDEOUS LIGHT OF THE DAY STAR SHINES UNTO THE EARTH Quelux: That reminds me of what your Mom said Quelux: "Bailey I know it hurts but you need some sun light in here" Evello: XD Quelux: If you sparkle I'm staking you Quelux: Just saying now Evello: If I start sparkling, I am BEGGING you, PLEASE stake me. Evello: But before you do, make sure it's not sugar. Evello: I take frequent sugar baths. Skype's always so much fun with ~Quelux (https://www.deviantart.com/quelux) XD


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Heavy Rain

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WestLane Equestrian Map


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Draw the Squad


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AC1: Hay Wingman

assassins creed

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dog, wolf stocks, refs, photos

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Humons Comics

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I'm a Barbie girl


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When He Arrived

before he arrived the fire in my heart had downed to a mere ember grasping onto it's last spark of light and crying out for tinder afraid to loose the last trace of warmth but when he arrived the waterwheel in my mind began to spin fueled by the river of thoughts that he kindled the small stream burst into raging rapids; parting only for the strong rock of his being when he arrived the frost which lounged so long on the grasses melted away; the bulb that had longed to bloom finally split revealing the first of what was to be many years of colorful flowers when he arrived the air was foul with the stench of decay, but his breath was sweet

literature n thaangs

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Joker Light dA Journal Skin

journal skins

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Wood Texture 4


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Parcel (unfinished) - Page 28/28

Parcel by algenpfleger

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ANBU Kakashi - Bloody Memories


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PB Red - Sketching

progress bars

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Free Palettes


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My Neighbor MMMMM


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FF:CC Zack Fair tegaki

Final Fantasy

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skull sleeve old school tattoo


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Markiplier Keep Calm poster

Keep Calm collection

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The HP Map

harry potter

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Competition/Discipline Groups

This blog is for all the groups that showcase horses in a specific discipline.  Enthusiasts of sports like racing, show jumping, dressage and reining can come here find groups that let them show their horses in their desired sports.  I also allow make-believe disciplines!  Competition-only groups go here, too.  Massive Roleplay Competition groups go into the More Groups blog. Groups are alphabetized past their dA, The and HaRPG acronyms. :bulletorange: #HaRPG-Groups (https://www.deviantart.com/harpg-groups) :bulletorange: Art RPG Groups :bulletorange: Buying/Selling Groups :bulletorange: Competition/Discipline Groups :bulletorange: Fantasy Breed Groups :bulletorange: More Grou

Shows I want to enter

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Ghost Stories Photoshop Action

PS actions

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Smiley Plz #1

:bulletblue: Smiley Plz // Page : 1 2 3 ~imhappyplz (https://www.deviantart.com/imhappyplz):iconsheishappyplz::iconimhappylaplz::iconimhighplz::icongermanyplz::iconitalyplz::iconprussiaplz::iconeduardplz::iconromajiplz::icontaiwan-plz::iconsleepygreeceplz::iconkikuplz::iconbrothercanadaplz::iconaussie-plz::iconnataliaplz::iconpolandplz::iconalaskaplz::iconspainplz::iconnetherlandsplz::iconpakistanplz::iconmsiranplz::icondanmarkplz::iconturkiyeplz::iconheroamericaplz::iconhungaryplz::iconraivisplz::iconaustriaplz::iconfrancisplz::iconswissplz::icontinoplz::iconbraginskiplz::iconukraineplz::iconukplz::iconkoreaanikiplz::iconlietplz::iconromanoplz::iconliechtensteinplz::iconchin

plz and shit

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Band Of Brothers

Band of Brothers

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