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Meliae SVG Icon Theme v. 1.2

Version 1.2

Minor Update: few icons added, some bug fixing
© 2010 - 2021 sora-meliae
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Tamayo-Ancona's avatar
Bajado... Excelente tema. Muchas gracias...

Sorry... "Downloaded. Pretty nice theme. Thank you."
DanRambo's avatar
Awesome work! Please, what's the name of the font used in this artwork? Thanks!
fdfdsf sdf sdf
Simple and beauty. Congratulations for your job :D
Tehoden's avatar
Little question, it work with linux Mint ?
Kitten-YoshiArt's avatar
Ok i don't want to sound like a winging bitch but I think I have seen that blue book icon elsewhere....strange :o

Bit it still is a great icon set I love it! it is going to be in my favourites :)
How do I download this? Whereis the Download link. I must be an idiot. I can't see one any where.
Kitten-YoshiArt's avatar
Ctrl-f the page and search for download file.
petazetadjimn's avatar
the best icon theme i've seen ever...
thanks so much for great work[link]
gannnonluk's avatar
Any chance of an icon for the terminal app "Terminator"? Thanks in advance.
gannnonluk's avatar
As an addition to my request for a terminator icon, I would like to add that I have a custom one I'm using, but I don't know how to work with SVG format, so it's png, but you can use it as a base if you want.
ilomo's avatar
Nice collection, thx!!!
whyzee7's avatar
just wow. One of the best icon themes ever. Keep giving the love.....
i-n-o-e's avatar
Refreshing, awesome icon set! Works great with Radiamentary theme in Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity :iconsaiyanplz:
ilnanny's avatar
Awesome work!
yousef-linux's avatar
Thanx alot for the beautiful icons
npikill's avatar
alex7ask's avatar
nice work, thanks
good work 'sora-meliae'. nice and elegant.....thanx for sharing
rsc0flake's avatar
Hey sora-meliae, i really like this icon theme, but the license bundled to it, ist not compatible with graphics - it was made for software. Maybe you should choose a [link] license.
Jendie's avatar
Great icon set - just what I've been looking for!
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