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Kingdom Key Keyblade Tutorial

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People often ask me if/how I made my Keyblade. So I decided to post a tutorial. This was all done by memory from over a year and a half ago so I hope I got all the steps ^^;
I'm sure *Kenshiro-FDP will remind me of some steps I forgot XD

1. Wooden Pole
2. Rigid Insulation Foam (R.I.F.)
3. Wonderflex
4. Friendly Plastic
5. Box Cutter
6. Chain
7. Keyring
8. Sumo/Gorilla glue
9. Paints
10. Sander
11. Electric Drill
12. Hook
13. Pliers
14. Paintbrush
15. Electrical Tape

Sorry for any typos ^^;

Remember to be extremely careful while working on this. It's easy to hurt yourself if you aren't paying attention. Always cut away from yourself and if you don't know how to use a drill, ask someone to do it for you that knows how.
Be very careful with the glue as well. It's SUPER sticky and if it gets on your skin, it's staying there.

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